It just didnt FEEL right …

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Dear reader,

Well, like I said, “it just didnt feel right today” and given the day from HELL I had yesterday and today, I was not really surprised.

Most folks would sit back and relax with a “tough day, son” excuse and make a “resolution” to “hit it hard again tomorrow”. And truth be told, given the day I’ve had … I almost came close … VERY DAMNED close to making that same excuse.

But I made a pact with myself a few months ago. That being I would do SOMETHING every day without fail – both in terms of fitness, and and my goals.

SOMETHING – anything – but I wouldn’t and won’t do NOTHING.

And I don’t ever break pacts I make with myself, my friend. Never ever.

Figured I’d do a few squats, and get the heart pumping. Got to 26. But, “it didnt feel right”.

Figured I’d do pushups. Knocked out 10, but it still didnt “feel right at all” if you get my drift.

(BTW, I went slow and easy on both the above, trying to “ease in”, but it didn’t really work).

The little “green monster” at the back of my head piped up.

“Hey, Rahul, take it easy for today! You’ve been having a ROUGH, ROUGH time as of late and … ” (and so forth. And I have, but ….)

Figured I’d do a bridge or two and see where things “stood”. Did so for about 5 minutes, front and back, but though it felt good, “something was still missing”.

Tried 50 more squats, slowly. Felt OK.

Tried 50 more. Still OK, but couldn’t really get into them if you get my drift.

And then I figured I’d do  a few “pushups on my back” (as I call them in my new book) and call it a DAY.

Did about 10 of them. Felt great, and figured I’d do a “few more”.

Got to 51. “I’ll tick off a few more reps”.

Got to 100. The blood was pumping well and good for now, by the way.

50 more, I figured.

Got to 151. “A few more, I figured. Just a few along with a few stretches”.

Got to 202 before calling it a day.

And I feel great. Not quite the same as during my other workouts, but even better in some regards if I might say so.

This, of course is one reason I came out with the new book I did (well, one of them at any rate). This exercise is a MUST, must add into YOUR routine … and today’s post should by ITSELF be enough proof as to why!

Here you go – 

Now, if there’s another lesson to be learnt in all this, it’s to avoid negativity and negative vibes at all costs. Sometimes ’tis unavoidable … but, it PAYS – literally so  – to actively a) KEEP each pact you honestly make with yourself … and b) to keep ploughing forward, and search for the positive in all the negative out there these days.

And that, my friend is THAT for now. I’ll be back again later – hopefully!


PS – The sole, one bright spot in my day was that I actually ended up getting a great idea for a new book. More on that later, or not in this blog actually, but I write about turning the negatives into positives ALL the time, and especially in my books and courses.

Here is a book that delves deeply into my own personal experiences in doing so –

From 120 – 60 KGS!

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