Vibes, vibes, and more vibes

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Dear reader,

It’s been a bit of a “slow” last couple of days for me, and I haven’t been posting or writing as often as I generally do. And no, it’s got NOTHING whatsoever to do with writer’s block or anything like that.

I’ve still ideas aplenty, but I haven’t actually written about it – and it’s  not so much about not having the inclination to put the words down on paper; it’s because of not being in the right “mindset”, or in other words, being in a “negative vibration” state.

Vibes are something I speak about all the time in my books, writings and in my fitness manuals (and this blog) as well.

And with good reason. Everything you do in life, and I mean EVERYTHING depends on your vibes, and your results, or lack thereof, depend, to a very a large degree upon the vibes you emanate, and the “state” your in in that regard.

That might sound strange, but here’s what will sound even stranger – I’m going to go out on more of a limb than I normally do, and say this – 99.99% is vibes. The rest is “work”.

And truth be told, work doesnt seem like work when you’re vibrating the way you should – the way you were INTENDED to be.

Yes, that  is correct. “Mother” Nature never intended us to go about life in a lackadaisical, don’t care’ish, downbeat, dull, grumpy sort of manner.

Nope. We were intended, each one of us BAR NONE to live our life with ZEST, VIM, VIGOR, EXCITEMENT – and to enjoy every day as if it’s the last.

The above sounds strange and “difficult to do” when your feeling down in the dumps. I know how that goes.

Yes, I’m human too and I have bad “periods” and the last couple of days were a prime example.

Although I didnt quite “really” get into a mega-negative state of vibration, this was because I chose to surround myself (translate – “chat with”) with folks going through similar circumstances and this, along with some visualization techniques I speak about in my books helped hugely.

And this applies to fitness as well, my friend, in a huge, huge way – but today’s post ain’t about fitness.

Nah. It’s about vibes. And if you need further proof in terms of what I’ve said about (the “Mother Nature” part), well, look no further than kids (younger than the age of 6 or thereabouts).

Kids don’t care about “what others think”. Kids naturally jump into handstands and do “tiger stretches” for fun. Kids naturally love to do squats aplenty and never seem to run out of gas. Heck, just try taking care of a 4 year old with boundless energy for a day, and you’ll see what I mean.

Kids live life the way we were intended to live it, and we as adults can learn a lot from them – fitness being just ONE AREA.

What do I  mean?

Well, a couple of days ago, a 4 year old girl gave an amazing “speech” of sorts in front of an audience of people – about 70-80 at that. An adult audience, and believe me, most adults would shy away from speaking in front of an adult audience numbering anything more than 10.

Trust me on this one – public speaking is one of the biggest fears people have – and yet … but anyway, I’ll continue with the tale.

This four year old girl also gave an AMAZING performance, and far outshone her compatriots (some of whom did a darn good job as well).

Key thing here?

This four year old girl is given FREEDOM at home to live life with ZEST. This four year old is actively supported by her Mom and Dad and encouraged to live life WITHOUT FEAR OF failure.

Her Mom and Dad realize that BOTH parents are equally important, and BOTH have unique skills to impart to their kid.

Physical activity is highly encouraged, as is participation in sports, and active participation at that as opposed to “cheering from the sidelines”.

She is NOT forced to turn into a “bookworm” (although truth be told there ain’t “nuttin” wrong with that  provided you balance it out with other activities) – and yet – she is a VORACIOUS reader.

Most of all, this kid is encouraged to LEARN and – QUESTION – QUESTION REPEATEDLY until she’s exhausted herself with questions.

You get the photo, don’t you?

This brought to mind another four year old kid, a boy. A smart, intelligent boy, perhaps about the same as the girl I mentioned above.

His mother was the type that “chastened” him for asking “too many silly questions”.

This boy was interested in sports from a young age – specifically soccer – and “getting stronger” – and every time he participated in any such endeavor, he was told “he was not good enough”.

Or (in the case of said soccer example), “he doesnt know how to play!” (regardless of the fact no-one bothered to ever teach him).

And when he WAS good enough – he was told “He thinks he’s too strong! Huh!! Look at him!” in a sarcastic sort of manner that would have the Queen of Babel rubbing her hands together with glee at the sheer “nasty” manner in which it was said.

His Dad was the sort that could care less in many regards, preferring the Sunday crossword and a philosophy that had this central tenet in mind “my wife is always right regardless”.

True “pseudo-femdom”, or “Nazi-femdom” taken to giddy limits, but ’tis true, my friend. It’s all true (just like everything else I say or write).

This kid grew up to be a 19 year old who was asked to give a presentation in college in front of a mere 7 or 8 classmates, and a kind hearted prof – and his hands literally SHOOK while doing this.

The only thing he COULD do – that went under the radar, and that was one of his GOALS from a very young age was to be a VORACIOUS reader – and writer – but a lot of the stuff he did was “termed” as “brainless” regardless.

Yet, he kept on, but it was like sloughing through a mire, to be honest.

Contrast this with the four year old girl I mentioned above who literally “yanked” the mic out of the girl next to her (in a playful sort of manner) and said “give it to me”, and just spoke.

She just did it. She just spoke. And she did so to a ROUSING CRESCENDO of claps, the adults scarcely believing a 4 year old could do such a great job!  And it was the best damned thing I’ve seen in a long, long time.

If there was ever a case of being “bold and fearless” and “positive vibration”, this, my friend IS a prime example.

I don’t yet know what she’ll grow up to be, but I do know this – she will live her life freely and with GAY ABANDON – the way life is MEANT to be lived – and this, at the end of the day, when we take our last breaths is ALL that counts, my friend.

Lesson of the story …well, there’s several. And no, this post is NOT about plugging my books – although they  may offer some more added and interesting perspective on what I mention here.

Last, but not least, I love you Barbara. I always will, from the bottom of my heart, and that performance, and that speech is but the pre-cursor for much, much, MORE!

And with that, it’s on to my workout.



PS – Encouragement is one of the best things you can do for your fellow man, or woman. True, all we can do is lead that horse to water, and if it “don’t drink”, well, we can’t force it.

But, we can encourage it – to a certain degree.

There is great power in this and amazingly enough this will help not just the person being encouraged but also the person who actually encourages. Try it, and report back!

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