Man, what a TREMENDOUS workout it was!

Dear reader,

Yes, tremendous it was indeed – and it was a 250 squat, 250 pushup workout – in short, that is.

The “long” of it (no pun intended here, hehe) is plenty of stretches thrown in DURING the workout, the same as yesterday – plus stretches at the end – plus bridging thrown in the middle of the workout … PLUS the above.

Man, what a buzz indeed!

I normally bridge at night during workout #2 and those that have been following the blog for a while now already know this, but for those of you that don’t, well, there it is. I find that the “dynamic – cum – static” stretching and deep breathing puts me in a relaxed frame of mind before I go to bed (or, and as I often do, gives me the energy to work late into the night – or early into the morning hours, whichever you prefer, hehe).

75, 25, 40, 30, 30, 50 went the squats. Toughies mixed in as well.

Then I did a SLOW – yes – your ready – SLOW, SLOW, SLOW bridging routine for about 10 minutes.

Finished off with 250 pushups in no particular order, and again – man – what a buzz!

Took about 58:04 minutes in all – a long workout by my standards, and yet beneath an hour.

Way less than what most people spend at the gym and about half an hour more than the time people spend to make excuses as to “why we should give our workout a miss today”.

Well, if your one of those folks, no problemo, my friend. All I can do is point the way – and if someone doesnt follow the way after being literally “guided”, well, then, all I can say  is – good luck to ya!

For the rest of you, you know the path to follow, and it’s right HERE: –

A mere $25.99, and it’s YOURS. Grab it NOW!



P.S. – And always, my thighs are FEELING IT!

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