Money in the bank

Dear reader,

Something I often say in my books, writings and talks is that exercise is, and should be approached with the mindset of “putting something in the bank” daily.

Money in the bank as it were, and that base slowly, but steadily BUILDS – and it’s the same in terms of your health, strength, and fitness.  Do something everyday, and that “base” will build – and last you a lifetime.

As I say  in my books, it does NOT have to be a max rep workout daily. Neither does it have to take forever. In fact, you can get great results for 25-30 minute workouts done daily, or, if you so prefer, working out TWICE daily – and no – it doesnt need to be a ball buster the second time around!

Most people don’t think twice about going to work on Monday morning, do they?

And yet, people seem to find all sorts of excuses “not to workout because … (insert excuse of choice)”; and the results are there for all to see. Obesity, health issues, liver issues, and so forth – they are ALL on the rise, and yet, it’s so EASY to take care of your body with MINIMAL investment that anyone can do it.

Anyone that doesnt make excuses, that is.

Anyway, ’twas a bit of a “rough” night for me last night if you get my drift.

Yet, I still made time for my workout this evening.

“I’ll do something”, I thought. “May not be a max rep workout, or then again – who knows? Maybe it will be!”

“The main thing to remember is to focus upon BREATHING”. (and yes, I already know this, but I say it to myself anyway before EACH AND EVERY workout).

Here is what my squatting routine looked like – 100, 50, 100, 100 – until I got to rep #351.

Hardly a “small” workout in itself, and this alone is enough to give most “everyday” folks the pounding of their lives in terms of getting a great, great workout in.

Key thing was though that I didnt start with the number 350 in mind, or any number for that matter.

All I did have in mind was what I mentioned above, and as I breathed in and out, in and out, IN AND OUT, slowly, and DEEPLY, the rep count seemed to take care of itself. Ended with a few stretches and 200 pushups, and that, my dear reader was THAT.

Moral of the “story” here?

Do something – anything – and you’ll soon see how that turns into a LOT MORE. Key thing being to “get off your duff” and START!

And thats it for today.



P.S. – If you’re amongst those that have already “got off yer duff”, hats off to YOU!

P.S. #2 – If you happen to fall into the latter category, well, here is your chance to LEAP FROG straight into the former category NOW – The Book

P.S. #3 –  And yes, it’s that important. The rewards in life go to the DOERS – not the fence sitters!