“Hindu” (wrestler) pushups

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Dear reader,

One of the most misunderstood and underrated exercises there is out there is also one that has been done for centuries to build strength and stay fit from all angles  (cardio, strength, flexibility, all-in-one as it were), and is key to improving your vitality and levels of FOCUS.

And done in high repetitions, and in all it’s various shapes, guises and forms, this ONE exercise alone has the potential to transform your body beyond recognition if you do it right.

There are literally so many variations on this ONE exercise that you can weave entire workouts around this ONE exercise, and STILL have more variations left over. Thats how “versatile” this one exercise is, and to master it fully is probably something NO-ONE has even achieved.

The Gama likely came close, very close most likely, but other than that I know of NOT ONE SINGLE person that has even come REMOTELY close to mastering ONE variant of this super-tough and (when done right) yet so “relaxing” exercise.

The wrestler pushups, or “dand” as it’s called in India has been around for ages, and builds the entire body without exception from head to toe.

Much as the other exercises I teach in Zero Excuses Fitness do, but THIS ONE exercise is likely the most misunderstood out there.

Folks claim it leads to shoulder problems. Folks claim it “doesnt build strength in the core region, and that “regular pushups work the core better””. And so forth. There’s so many myths floating about on this one out there, and most of them are NOT true.

Look, my friend, this ONE exercise DONE RIGHT has an incredibly rejuvenating and REHABILITATING effect not only on the entire shoulder region, but the body as a whole.

Key being to DO THEM RIGHT, and do them the way they’re supposed to be done, and have been done for centuries.

Most folks don’t do them the right way to begin with. You will see people not stretch back fully on each repetition, and you’ll also see folks not “arch” like they should, or arch too early, or “complete the movement in a jerky sort of manner” if that makes sense.

Any exercise done incorrectly is an open invitation to some form of injury, and (especially given the “overall body” nature of this one movement, and how brutal it can be), the wrestler pushup is NOT an exception.

Done right though, you’ll feel better after this one exercise than you have in AGES, my friend.

Again, key being “done right”. Done right all you really need to do is do these in sets of 25 or so to get a super workout in. Although you can and should attempt for max reps at times, there is no need to focus on mega-high repetitions each and every time you do these, and this of course holds true for all the other exercises I teach.

Do something – anything. It does NOT have to be a record breaking workout every time – but the key is to do something EVERYDAY WITHOUT FAIL as I said yesterday, and keep that up in some way, shape or form regardless of anything else.

As for Hindu pushups, form is key, and the book goes into great detail on how to do them, along with associated pictures as well. If you haven’t gotten it yet, GRAB it NOW – The Book. 

And that, my dear reader, is that for today. I’m off for workout # 2 shortly …



P.S. – Along with another highly under-rated exercise (no, it’s not bridging), the Hindu pushup is key to increasing neck size and strength as well IF DONE right.

Can you guess the other one?

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