Put more “oomph” into it

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Dear reader,

Yes, you’ve heard the above saying a lot of times, I’m sure, and it holds true not just for … well, not just in the bedroom as it were, to put it in a “PG” rated manner, hehe, although I’m anything BUT PG (and those that know will happily attest to this).

I tend to be very brutally honest and don’t mince my words, and if that means a few “F Bombs” or other such “superlatives” flow forth, so be it. Key thing be I stick to the facts and state things for what they are, and if that offends people so be it.

Always been that way, and probably always will be!

Anyway, back to the “oomph” part. What that translates into in terms of exercise and life in general, for that matter, is to put more FEELING – more ENERGY – into what your doing at THAT PARTICULAR time.

Ever seen someone go through a set of 25 or 50 pushups in a “ho-hum” sort of manner? They’ll be holding their breath while doing the exercise, or breathing in an ultra shallow manner or – and here’s what annoys me the most – not even “bothering” to give it their all.

Hey, pushups are easy, right? Who needs to apply effort?

These same people then end up in the local gym and pay big bucks to use the “spanking new machines” and treadmills, Swiss balls, medicine balls, big jugs, and what not (ok, ignore the “big jugs” part, but I think you get the drift, hehe).

And guess what – they get the same, if not LESS results there as well, as that same mentality carries over to the gym, or yoga class (which appears to be a recent fad in quite a few countries), or swimming pool or what not.

Swimming, for one is a fantastic exercise, but again, IF YOU DO IT right – AND IF you really PUSH yourself. Swimming a few leisurely laps in the pool might be relaxing, but it ain’t-a-gonna whittle that darn fat off like you expect it to. Trust me on this one.

(If you really, really want to get a workout in – swim in an ocean (with all the right safety measures, of course) – and try get in a couple of “leisurely laps” in – and then come back and tell me).

And there’s nothing at all wrong with yoga if – and only  if – DONE RIGHT – and believe me, most people do NOT do it correctly (and a lot of the teachers out there “claiming” to teach yoga are teaching a “watered down” modern version of it that is pretty much useless and even detrimental to your health in some cases).

That said, what I’m teaching you will get you in better shape – and FAST – but again – if you do it RIGHT).

You see a pattern beginning to develop, my friend?

While I do very stridently claim that what my program has to offer is better than the majority of stuff out there, I do also say that there is nothing wrong with alternate means and methods of exercise – – but if, and only if, DONE RIGHT.

And done right means if you apply  yourself.

Focus on what your doing. Block out everything else, including the darn smart phones, tablets, TV’s, and so forth.

REALLY, REALLY apply yourself – and push yourself to your limits and beyond – and DON’T be lazy about it.

Keep at it – and you’ll soon see the results start to appear before your very eyes.

Yes – put more OOMPH into it, and this goes for LIFE as well, my friend.

All for now!


Rahul Mookerjee


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