It just feels WONDERFUL!

Dear Reader,

Yes, it did! That’s the overriding feeling I had ALL throughout my workout today; that is felt NIGH wonderful.

Felt wonderful. Felt great. Superb. Excellent. Insert descriptor of choice, but that is how it FELT, my friend.

That’s how it FELT, and there is a reason I capitalize the word. And those that have been following the blog and/or my books know why!

For the rest of you, well, get on the stick right NOW! It’s all about feeling my friend. Sheer FEELING, white hot PASSION, RED hot desire – desire to achieve.

Desire to do better. Desire to stick to doing whatever it takes to achieve a certain goal, and if your goal or one of them is to do something every day in terms of a workout (as it should be, and mine is), then you DO what it takes daily without fail!

No excuses, bar none, and that’s what the book(s) tell you as well.

Got through about 400 squats, 251 pushups and assorted squats, and believe you me, when you have a mantra along those lines of “it feels great” all throughout your workout; not to mention your actual WORK (which seems like fun most of the time to me!), well, then your well and truly in the ZONE and on the way to SUCCESS, my friend.

Problems just melt away. Things just happen. Good things, at that. And they happen without even consciously making any effort to make them happen.

Get in the zone; get in the FLOW  – and watch your OWN life flow, my friend.

Yes; ‘tis really that simple!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Do the exercise mentioned HERE – and you’ll feel wonderful on a regular basis too!

Reverse pushups – the BOOK!