My thighs are a ‘screaming, BROTHER!

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Dear reader,

Oh boy. So they are, and my thighs be a’singing, as the saying goes.

Zinging. Singing. Breathing.  PULSING – pulsating with LIFE of their own as it were.  And THAT is EXACTLY whats gonna happen to YOU, my friend, when you finish 400 odd squats in 11:38 minutes FLAT.

250 pushups, and 400 squats ALONG with assorted stretches after the squats, and the END – and that took me – how long?

Not an hour as it takes most people to even “warm up and drive” to the gym.

Not fifteen minutes as it generally takes most people to “decide to procrastinate” and “put off for tomorrow what really should be done today – and NOW, as it were”.

Not two hours or more as it takes the “bodybuilders” to get through their lengthy, elongated routines and yet NOT get the BUZZ that I routinely get after my workouts.

Certainly not a two hours marathon spent “pounding the pavement” either.

50 minutes FLAT. Thats right. 50 minutes is ALL it took for the BEST workout of my life, right HERE in my living room, my friend.

And as an aside, my forearms BE so sore that I can barely type, hehe.

Move aside excuses. Move aside the gym. Heck, move aside just about anything at this point.

The buzz I’m getting right now is the best darn buzz anyone including YOU can get – and if you can show me a better one – well, I’m all ears.

Otherwise, you know what to do, my friend.

Do NOT put off your health until tomorrow.

Get down on the floor and JOIN me in some pushups – and do ’em until “them darn arms” fall off.

You’ll be all the better off for it – that I do guarantee – and if Rahul Mookerjee GUARAN-damn-TEES something, you better be sure he MEANS every word.

All for now!



P.S. – The book has plenty of pushup variations that WILL make even “advanced” trainees literally SCREAM “Uncle” if done right! Here you go: –

The Book

And as for the best darn exercise, and a workout based SOLELY upon that – here ya go – Reverse pushups – the BOOK!

Onward! Man, man, oh MAN!

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