Spread the legs!

Dear reader,

And no, it’s NOT the way you think, and NO, right off the bat, this is NOT about what most folks think of when the above statements made – although strangely enough, and you’ll see what I mean once you read through this, the “what you are most likely thinking” DOES fit into it.

One of the hidden keys, and again, bar none (and again, amongst so many I keep giving you on a regular darn basis) is to spread the legs while exercising – or more accurately, the INNER thighs.

When you do your squats, adopt a position that makes you get the MOST out of your inner thighs, GROIN muscles, and hips. The same holds true for many different varieties of pushups that I advocate on, and again, a damn near DAILY basis.

And the same thing holds true for bridging, or just about any stretch you do.

When you do this, you don’t just improve your performance in said exercises.

You also –

  • Open up the hips and thighs (yes, yes, but it is so important it bears repeating).
  • You loosen and stretch the hamstrings, and when you do BOTH this and the above, you LITERALLY open your body up to more life force.
  • And #3 – how do you think life is birthed anyway? Yeah, I know. Sounds strange, but it ties in, does it not??

Think about – and DO the above the next time you workout. You might or might not make it to 325 squats and 250 pushups in 45 minutes flat, but you may get pretty near.

Or, even beyond. Who knows?

Give it a SOLID shot, and let me know!