I thought I’d stop at 250!

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Dear reader,

Yes, you read that right. Should have said “squats” after that, of course, but then again, those of you that are regular readers of this BRUTALLY honest blog know that I did about 50 squats yesterday before calling it a day.

I predicted too, if you recall, that I’d have a SUPER squatting session today, and so it was, my friend – and if there is ANY further proof required in terms of why it’s good to change things up constantly, well, this (as well as plenty of other examples I’ve mentioned in the past) is a PRIME example.

But even I couldn’t predict just HOW super that workout would be.

Got to 250. Figured I’d pound out 50 more.

300. Keep going, soldier!

350. The breathing got EVEN DEEPER and EVEN MORE REGULAR, AND A HELL OF A LOT MORE RHYTHMIC – and yes – there is a SOLID darn reason for the capitalization(s)!

400. Keep going.

450. Jumping squats to finish things off, and what a finisher it was – 500 all in all. Oh BOY!

And lest you think that was all, NO, I did my pushups as well – 200 of them to be exact, and while I’m not going to detail the pushup workout here, regular readers will know fully well what it entailed.

Those that have read the book will CERTAINLY know what it entailed …

I did however change the breathing up and made it “slower” on some of the exercises, and believe me, that one variation hit my entire body in a completely different manner than even I expected.

And thats how it goes when you train. These are NOT, I repeat NOT “just bodyweight exercises”.  In fact I changed things up slightly in terms of the squats as well today, and even THAT variation hit my  legs in a far, far more intense manner than usual.

That variation is NOT mentioned in the book, and neither is it mentioned in the VIDEOS – although the videos are a MUST GRAB, there is no way I can cover everything in either the books or the videos, and one of the reasons being this – and this is something I delight in repeating over and over again – YOU KEEP LEARNING!


These are exercises you can do for your whole life, my friend, and NOT MASTER in their entirety.

Mastery, by the way is something you should shoot for and I’ve explained the reasons “ad infinitum” in my book. Far better to be a master at a “few trades” rather than the proverbial “jack of all trades”, and again, those that have actually “done the thing” know what I’m talking about.

And so it goes, my friend. So it goes.  Back to work now – and see you tomorrow!!



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