That BULLET proof feeling!

Dear reader,

Do you know what I’m referring to?

That feeling of being INVINCIBLE – that feeling of being ALL CONQUERING (in terms of your own self, obviously).

That feeling of “being able to run through brick walls at a moment’s notice”.

And so forth. In short – that BULLET proof feeling you get – when you get done with a good, good, GOOD workout!

Man oh man, it feels so good! And the key thing is that it doesnt even take forever. You can literally workout from anywhere in between 10 to 50 minutes, and still get the same “energizing” effect from the workouts.

Of course, you get what you put into it – and if you go for longer, you will naturally GET more. ‘Tis but fact.

In any case, it was a 413 squat and 200 pushup day, the pushups done with a twist.

Quite literally – as some of them were “twisting” pushups where you literally “pivot” and rotate on one leg during the pushups – and for those that may scoff at this – I have this to say – TRY IT!

The other thing that I changed today was that I did supersets – except I did “double supersets” if that makes sense.

Supersets are normally when you do a max rep set of any exercise followed by another exercise immediately thereafter (usually one that hits the “opposing” muscles of the body if that makes sense).

Well – I did it in a slightly different manner. I did a set of pushups, then another set (different style  of pushups) – and then simply repeated the same thing.

Doesnt sound like much, but when you get to 200 reps and above, believe me, you start to feel it.

And feel it you will, my friend. Feel it you will – if you work out the 0 EXCUSES WAY!


Rahul Mookerjee

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