Your breath is – QUITE LITERALLY – your POWER!

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Dear Reader,

Yes, you read that correctly! And it is NOT me that said it – well, I should say its not “just” me that says it – this saying has been around for ages. I believe fitness pioneer Paul Bragg was the one that said it, but it’s been oft repeated throughout the ages … and believe me, it holds WATER.

Let me repeat that as fact – your breath is quite literally your POWER!

Those of you that have bought into the modern day “gyms” and “muscle media” nonsense, along with the associated “blitz and pump till you “drop” (out of boredom than anything else)” routines will vociferously disagree, and thats fine.

If that’s you – please feel free to click away as this post is NOT for you.

On the other hand, if you’re part of the minority that DOES agree, read on, my friend. Read on.

Your breath is quite literally what skyrockets you to levels of accomplishment in any endeavor, and fitness is no exception.

My workout today was 500 squats and 250 pushups done in 45 minutes FLAT. Most people would be hard pressed to get past even 25-30 of the squats, let alone the rest of it (in that timeframe, at that).

There are those that argue “but we need cardio”, and for those people – well – believe me – when you can do this type of a workout STRAIGHT without too many breaks in the time frame I mentioned, you ain’t gonna need no cardio, my friend!

And not just that – your breath is really what keeps you going when the going gets tough.

Pound out a tough set of “wrestler” (or Hindu, as they are commonly called) squats with the breathing done correctly, and you’ll quickly find out that the legs, while being worked to the bone while doing these, are NOT the only body part helping you “rise” – or “explode” from the bottom portion of the workout.

It’s your whole body – specifically the ARMS – and most specifically, your BREATH! You literally “breathe up”, for lack of a better descriptor!

Might sound hard to believe, but it’s true, my friend, and those that have been doing squats the way I advocate, and the way they have been done for AGES know what I’m talking about.

And squats done this way are actually different from other exercises in that they get EASIER as you go along. I’ve often “croaked” my way through the first 50 -70 , done a few “jumping squats” and was at 500 after that before I knew it.

Your breathing just becomes more natural once you really “get into it”. Again, those that have DONE know what I’m talking about!

Boy oh boy – do I feel GREAT, GREAT, GREAT, and this “breathing stuff” is NOT some airy fairy yoga concept by the way.

You do not simply get results by sitting on “your posterior” and breathing in and out. Might be good to calm you down, but simply that alone by itself will accomplish little in the way of actual results or fitness.

No – you breathe correctly – and take SOLID ACTION – and being thats been the theme of the day thus far in terms of posts, I’ll close this one out here.

On a parting note though, that breathing effect was MAGNIFIED to the EXTREME during the last 50 reps of my workout, and for those of you that have been regular readers, you know the exercise I’m referring to here.

Those of you that have bought the videos know it as well. And for the rest of you – well – the time is NOW, my friend.

Time waits for no-one. Hurry up and grab your VIDEOS NOW, and watch your levels of fitness literally SOAR by the day!

All for now!



P.S. : – 0 Excuses Fitness contains an entire CHAPTER DEDICATED to breathing. YES, it IS that darn important, my friend – 

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