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Dear reader,

In my blog posts and writings I speak about the importance of doing something DAILY – something – anything – that pushes you, or is a step towards accomplishing whatever your ultimate goals are.

And this holds true in terms of life as well as in terms of fitness.

Want to make more money? Well – there are many keys to this – but one of the oft-ignored keys is to do something – whatever that something is – DAILY – that will get you, or propel you towards the ultimate goal you have in mind.

Want to get fitter? Want to lose the extra “flabbage” around your waist? Want to have shoulders that SMACK OF RAW, BRUTAL POWER – and “look” huge as well?

Well, again, as Emerson said – “Do the thing, and you shall have the POWER!”

And just so you know, this isn’t me just talking, my friend. I’ve been on BOTH sides of the spectrum fitness wise, and believe it or not, the fitness “machine” you see in front of you now both on the website (and MORE specifically the BOOK) was NOT always a lean, mean, “fit machine” as he is today.

No – I went through a lot of the same things that YOU guys (and gals) do on a regular basis.

I know what it’s like to “constantly keep growing out of my jeans”.

I know what it’s like to be so out of breath after climbing two flights of stairs that I could barely open my mouth to talk, much alone do anything else.

I also know how it is to be able to mosey up a STEEP, STEEP hill in the – get this – HEAT and HUMIDITY of summer in the PEAK hours of the afternoon, and do so seemingly effortlessly, while others around me “huff and puff” their way up that same hill.

I also KNOW what it’s like to start out at 40 squats, and not being able to walk for the next few days because I overdid it the first time – and I also KNOW how it feels to pound out 500 squats within 15-17 minutes FLAT!

In other words, I’ve been on BOTH ends of the spectrum, my friend, and this, if anything, is what qualifies me to teach you everything that I do in my books, courses and videos.

And one of the keys – again – and I mention this repeatedly – is to DO SOMETHING EVERYDAY.

In terms of fitness, I don’t care how strapped you are for time. There is ALWAYS something you can do, and the following blog post bears testament to it – 

Believe me, you ALWAYS have time to pound out a set of squats or do 25-50 pushups. The key is to stop making excuses – and – JUST DO IT!

You need no equipment. Nothing. Just an iron will to MOVE FORWARD to what may seem to be insurmountable odds – and again – DO SOMETHING DAILY WITHOUT FAIL!

Believe me, if you follow this central tenet, you’ll be moving along quicker towards your fitness goals than you ever thought possible. Not only that, you’ll soon be setting NEW GOALS as well as you literally BLAST past the old ones!

The key is, as I’ve said, to do something DAILY.

Think of it like a bank balance. If you put a certain amount of money in the bank daily, or monthly without fail, what happens after a year?

The same thing holds true in terms of benefits for fitness, except these benefits lead to “compound benefits” – compound interest if you would, hehe, but believe me, the more you do something daily and (consequently) get better at it – the MORE you’ll benefit from it, and naturally do MORE AND MORE.

So do something daily, my friend. I don’t care what it is or how long it takes – or what the goals are – but do SOMETHING – ANYTHING – daily.

Do this for a month, and report back.

I bet you’ll be amazed at your findings.



P.S. –  The “Ten Commandments of Physical Success” are a MUST READ for anyone with any sort of fitness, or even life goal – and here is where you can grab the book that contains ’em –

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