500 squats – Easy, Peeze

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Dear reader,

If you’re like most people, the very thought of doing 500 of anything – or 500 reps of any exercise, for that matter, scares the bejeesuz out of you.

Or, alternatively, it puts you in the “he must be nuts to do that many” crowd that “comments on this”.

“I could never do this”. “I can’t even do 50!” And so on, and I don’t think I’m being erroneous in saying that these sort of thoughts (and I’ve “spelt” but a few out) are what pass through people’s mind when they hear the “magical” 500 number.

Well, guess what, my friend.

‘Tis EASY – but only if you know HOW!

And – get this – YOU CAN DO IT – with far less “effort” than you currently believe !!

Yes, thats true – I’ll say it again – YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

And today, I’ll share but TWO tips in this email that will help you SKYROCKET towards and BLAST past the 500 squat mark that I talk about so often in my books and writings (and that I MYSELF do on a daily basis).

Yes, you read that right – there’s no “armchair advice” been given here! I just got done with 500 squats, 200 pushups and a few assorted stretches, and without further ado, here you go.

One, remember that the most mammoth of tasks is, after all, a task that can be divided into CHUNKS.

In other words, think of eating a bear a bite at a time.

And in terms of reps, what does that translate into? Well, simple – focus upon doing lesser reps – and then do more “lesser” reps – and so forth!

If you’re like most people, you probably think of the “500” number even while working out – and while that may or may not work for you  depending upon your level of conditioning, what WILL work for BOTH BEGINNERS (to get past a certain rep count) AND ADVANCED MEN (to BLAST past previous records) is to focus upon breaking it down into chunks as you go along!

Second, visualize, visualize, and VISUALIZE! This one tip alone can blast you towards and way past any goals you set for yourself, 500 squats in a row being but one of them.

See yourself doing the squats. PICTURE yourself going up and down, and going past 40. 80. 150. So on and so forth, and you’ll soon see that you reach the 500 mark “effortlessly”.

This above tip may sound hard to believe for most people, but it’s true, my friend. It’s SO TRUE. Try it out, and let me know how it goes! 

The above, by the way are but TWO tips that will propel you towards the “magical” 500 number, and I detail PLENTY more tips in the 0 Excuses Fitness book – grab your copy NOW!



P.S. : – Each second wasted is a second LOST in terms of achieving the goals you set for yourself. Don’t be a “dreamer”. Be a “dreamer – AND A DOER” – and the way you DO is by RUNNING on over here RIGHT NOW, and clicking that order button without further ado!


To your SUCCESS!

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