Eliminate tight traps and neck pain

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Dear reader,

Tight traps. Shoulders that constantly hurt, and constantly “need to be stretched”.

The “Hunchback of Notre Dame” syndrome that is the bane of modern day living given our immense reliance on computers and other electronic gadgets.

Stiff necks and neck pain to boot that occurs from “craning” our necks in a most unnatural manner to look at smartphones and work at computers all day long.

And so forth. Can YOU related to any of this?

I’m sure you can, my friend, and what is sad is that a lot of those reading this have probably tried a lot of fitness routines out there, including, but not limited to commercial gyms, yoga classes etc – and yet – something doesnt quite seem to “click”.

Ever experience the feeling of “there’s something more out there, but I’m not sure how to get it”?

Again, I bet you did – and while I could write tomes on the above, the point of today’s email is to give you a couple of tips on how to eliminate the “tight traps” and aching shoulders that a lot of us suffer from on a daily basis, and it requires NO equipment.

That’s right – not even a pull-up bar.

My 0 Excuses Fitness book details plenty of exercises that will not only eliminate neck, shoulder and upper back pain – but will also increase your overall health, strength, and VITALITY levels to PEAKS you have never DREAMT of before.

For now though, here are two exercises that will loosen that upper back up – and keep it loose.

Hindu pushups are the first exercise. A great, great, exercise, and you quite literally STRETCH and strengthen the entire back while doing these. Work on these DAILY, my friend – and the KEY thing to REMEMBER here is that you “push back all the way” – and do NOT, as many people and even a lot of fitness instructors that incorrectly teach you how to do this great exercise “stop before you stretch back all the way”.

No – you need to push back with POWER on EACH rep – and you do the opposite when you are in the “skyward looking” phase of the exercise!

The above is hard to explain in a blog post, and though I’ve included tons of pictures in my book, the VIDEOS are what explain it best – so if you’re really looking to get the MAXIMUM benefit out of this great, great exercise and many others, then RUN OVER NOW to this page – and order NOW – http://0excusesfitness.com/videos/

The second exercise that really stretches everything out is the REVERSE pushup. These are basically pushups done on your back, and you basically push up into a gymnastic bridge position – with a few tweaks – and you do this for reps.

Again, thats the long and short of it – and there are literally BAZILLIONS of ways to do this – as well as little details to this that will skyrocket your gains beyond belief. Grab the videos to get those little details that “mere words cannot even begin to do justice to, if you get my drift”.

Work on these two exercises for a while, and watch the aches and pains literally start to MELT away.

All for now – back later!



P.S. – 0 Excuses Fitness has other great products as well, including a book on pull-ups that will address the above issue as well, and here is where you can get your “paws” on ’em – http://0excusesfitness.com/products/.

Don’t procrastinate A SECOND longer, my friend. That neck pain “ain’t-a” gonna go away unless you address it – and do so PRONTO. Push on over NOW – http://0excusesfitness.com/products/


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