Follow the way of the animal, my friend

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Dear Reader,

I was in a conversation today with a student of mine, and we were chatting.

Just talking. Chatting. Shooting the “bull” … you know. Just a nice, relaxed conversation, and of course, being fitness is something I love to talk about, it was naturally one of the items on the agenda.

Here is how the conversation went:

“So, what do you do to stay fit? Running? Climbing? Swimming?”

“Uh, none of the above. All I really do is work out in short intense bursts at home – and most of my workouts never take above 50 minutes. In fact, I’m doing good if I get there – and the vast majority of my routines usually take below 40 minutes. Between 20-40 minutes would be a good indicator”.

“Uh, huh”. And then of course, that “quizzical” look of puzzlement which most folks have on their faces when I tell them that NO – long hours of “cardio” or “strength training” are NOT required to stay in shape, or even get there for that matter.

You can do all of that, of course – but the point is that 0 Excuses Fitness will get you in way better shape – and in WAY LESS time – and I’m living proof of this.

“My friend wants to know what you do to stay in shape as well, and (more to the point) how you GOT in such super shape to start with”

And my answer to her was simple – and the same answer I give most people that ask me – that being – well – just get the book and the videos – and DO what they tell you! 

Yes, it’s that simple – just get the book – and the videos – and follow along as I take you through the various different exercises, and you’ll get there. Pretty simple, eh?

Anyway, then we got around to the topic of food, and eating habits.  And here is really where the interesting part started.

My student is a huge, huge believer in “following the crowd”, and though I don’t quite agree in that regard (as you can tell, hehe) I’m a huge believer myself in the concept of “to each his own”.

“When do you normally eat? How much do you eat? Very little?”

And you should have seen the expression on her face when I told her that I eat but two meals a day. Two SIMPLE meals.

No fancy “shmancy” diets or complicated stuff. Just simple “down to earth” fare which boils down to meat and vegetables – and not huge servings at that  unless I’m especially hungry.

But the real kicker was when I told her the TIMES I eat.

And hold on to YOUR hats as well, my dear reader, as I’ll bet what I’m gonna say is going to blow you away as well!

My first meal of the day is NOT breakfast as most of the “experts” recommend.

It’s NOT “a snack at 11:00 A.M.” or “apples in between regular meals”.

And it’s certainly not “lunch at noon sharp”.

No – my first meal of the day is generally between – and again – hold on to your COLLECTIVE HATS here – between 6P.M. – 7P.M.

That’s right. Usually between 6P.M. – 7P.M, and I generally follow that up with “dinner” at around 11 or even later.

Do I “watch my diet” and “count calories”?

No, no, and NO. Never have, never will! 

Unconventional? Sure is!

Does it cause JAWS to DROP (as with my student)?

Showl does, my friend. Showl does.

“But, but, but …”

“But what?”

“But they say eating in the evening will make you fat, and eating at night is a no-no! All the experts say this!”

“Well, so they do – but look at me. Do I have an ounce of fat on my body? Do I look weak and out of shape?”

“Uh … No, not at all, but how …”

“Well, I just listen to my body. I follow the way of the animal”.

“The animal??” (and at this point I could tell by looking at her eyes that she thought I’d literally gone stark raving BONKERS).

And I don’t blame her, hehe. Most folks have that sort of reaction when I tell them about my very unconventional – YET EFFECTIVE AS HECK – diet and exercise routines!

“Yes, the animal. Look at what a tiger does. A tiger normally hunts and eats at night, doesn’t it?”

*wink* *wink* (on the tiger part) –  but my point is, my friends – don’t always believe what the “experts” preach and take it as “gospel”.

It’s not only me with these unconventional eating routines that flat out WORK. Look at Hercshel Walker – who I mention in my book – and he is reputed to eat only ONE simple meal a day and yet maintain his daily and most punishing regimen of over a 1000 pushups and situps a day (and at one point I believe it was almost 3500 pushups a day!).

Most people on the Internet have the same “expression of disbelief” (figuratively speaking, of course) when they hear of this – and a quick gander around the various forums dedicated to Walker’s routines and diets will tell you this.

And yet – does it work? Sure does. 

Does mine work? Sure DOES!

And there are plenty of other people that “don’t follow the herd” – and yet get BETTER results than the vast majority of “sheeple” out there that blindly accept whatever is told to them as fact.

That’s the KEY right there, my friend. The PROOF is in the PUDDING – and well – ya can’t argue with RESULTS, can ya?

Don’t get me wrong. Not all of what is termed as common wisdom is wrong, and there is actually a good case that can be made for eating breakfast – or should I say the RIGHT breakfast – as it does jump start your metabolism for those that need it, but again – the RIGHT breakfast is required.

And I’m sorry – but bacon, cheese and fried eggs don’t cut it, my friend. Neither do friend hashbrowns.

And amazingly enough, most of these very people that “follow the herd” (my student and her friend included) are the very ones that are frustrated and unable to lose weight via “conventional” methods. Unable to “gain muscle despite a 3X gym schedule”. Unable to “whittle away those love handles” despite having a personal trainer.

And so forth. The list goes on and on.

Does the above sound familiar to you, my friend?

I bet it does … 

As for me, the reason I prefer not to eat much all day long is that I find my energy levels to be FAR, FAR, higher during the day with my own eating routine. And I know for a fact that there are other super fit guys out there doing the same thing – and to all of y’all – kudos for daring to  and doing something different.

Give me  a solid breakfast in the A.M., or a heavy lunch and the only thing I’ll want to do is sleep it off – much like our good and aforementioned friend the tiger, hehe.

And that brings me back to the point of today’s email. Follow the way of the animal – be NATURAL – and don’t be afraid to question the “schmexperts” either.

A tiger might eat only once a day, or once in several days, but there’s no doubting it’s speed, flexibility, and agility – is there?

On the other hand, our “other good friends” such as cows and rabbits, for instance, “nibble away” all day long – and yet – who would you put your money on in a cage match?

The tiger? Or the cow?

I thought so too, hehe.

Naturally, this doesnt need to be taken to extremes. I’m NOT recommending you turn into a “droid” or other “nocturnal creature” – but what I AM saying is that sometimes the less you eat, the better it is for your body in many regards.

And what I AM MOST EMPHATICALLY telling you to do as well is to exercise the way of the animal – namely, Mr. Tiger yet again.

What does a cat – or a dog – do the first thing when it wakes up in the morning?

It doesnt head on to the kitchen for a “double shot of espresso”. It doesn’t moan about “oh, god, I’ve got a tough day ahead!”.

No – the first thing any of these “critters”, hehe, do is to STRETCH BACKWARDS – and they do so in the exact same (or pretty close) pose that is the “stretching backwards” phase of the Hindu pushup that I so often talk about.

Ditto for the forward phase.

And I don’t think there’s any arguing with their speed and flexibility either, is there?

Long story short – do whats natural.

Ditch the gyms. Ditch the health supplements – and “creatine” tablets, and all that junk – they are just NOT good for you, my friend.

Exercise the way of the animal, and you will – quite literally have – as the book page PROMISES … “The strength of an ox – and the quickness and agility of a jungle cat, not to mention energy levels that last ALL DAY LONG!”

Now, I don’t know about you, my friend, but if someone offered me a deal like that, it would be a NO-BRAINER for me.

I wouldn’t stop to think.

I wouldn’t procrastinate and make a list in my “to do” calendar.

I wouldn’t hem and haw. I wouldn’t let my fingers “indecisively” hover on that little “order” button.

No – what I’d do would be to take action on a DEAL that’s as sweet as any, or perhaps even sweeter given the benefits, and I’d ORDER NOW!

And that, my friend, is what I’d recommend you to do as well – if you’re truly serious about getting fit – and STAYING that way for the long term.

Exercise the 0 Excuses way. You’ll never regret it.

All for now!



P.S. – Don’t forget to grab the videos as well – there are always things that cannot be shown properly via the written word and pictures alone, and hence the videos are a MUST GRAB as well.


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