Videos – new and IMPROVED!

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Dear Reader,

Huge, HUGE news from 0 Excuses Fitness HQ!

In my daily emails and blog posts I emphasize the importance of getting the videos along with the book, and for good reason.

Believe me, words are NOT enough to describe some of these exercises, and you can only really learn the “nuances” of a lot of these exercises (even those that may look simple) by watching and following on with me as I take you through a) the “class” (where I teach you the exercises and proper form etc) and b) an actual WORKOUT done right in my living room (no excuses, my friend!).

Anyway, a lot of you have written and informed me that the downloads took a long time to complete – and this, for a long time, seemed to be a “in between a rock and a hard place” issue for me which I couldn’t figure out how to solve.

Compress the videos – and risk losing quality? Nah – for me I’d rather it takes a bit longer to download than lose quality … but, at the end of the day, the flip side of this is that we DO live in a “mobile” world – and most folks that are buying this usually end up viewing it on mobile phones (“smart” phones, and there is a reason I use the quotes, hehe) and other “mobile device” as opposed to the good ole PC.

Anyway – guess what – I’ve FINALLY found the solution. I’ve compressed the videos using some software I recently managed to locate – and AMAZINGLY enough the quality of the videos is the SAME as the large files!

Praise be to modern technology and all that – but I was so excited that I dropped EVERYTHING I was doing and wrote this blog post just to let you know! I’ll update the sales page shortly as well to reflect this – but for now – I suggest you do the SAME – and HURRY on over to the VIDEOS page and grab ’em if you have not already!

Again, here is that link – new and improved – Videos – don’t wait  a SECOND longer, my friend – do it NOW!



P.S. – I used to be a “geek” in a previous life. Strange how things work out, huh??

P.S. #2 – Be sure and grab your copy of the BOOK as well so you are WELL armed to get rid of the “Thanksgiving aftereffect”, hehe – The Book


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