Two people that were once close to me …

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Dear reader,

I’ll deviate from the norm today and tell you even more of a personal story than I normally do.

It’s intensely personal and emotional, and a mere email – or a blog post CANNOT EVEN BEGIN to do justice to it – but I’ll try anyway.

If that is something that interests you then by all means read on – if not, no worries, “senors and senoritas”, hehe – feel free to “click away”!

It’s often been said that letting go is one of the hardest things that one can do, period. 

Letting go of old relationships. Old feelings. “Past” feelings of negativity – and associated “past memories”. And so forth.

Amazingly enough, though our conscious mind realizes this is ALL in the past, it still does all it can to HOLD on to these memories – and guess what my friend – this is one major, MAJOR reason for folks not being able to attain whatever goals they set for themselves – not just fitness wise, and but in LIFE in general.

Don’t get me wrong – there are other reasons – but THIS is one PRIME reason.

I’ll cover more in the soon to be released “Zero to Hero” book (a MUST READ for everyone) – but for now, let me suffice it to say that I recently made the decision (a few weeks ago, to be precise) to cut out TWO people from my life – TWO people that were once EXTREMELY close to me.

I’m not going to get into the reason, but again –  BOTH these things were the toughest things I’ve ever done in my life, and believe me, there’ve been plenty of tough things I’ve done in my life.

The reasons are beyond the scope of this email, but suffice it to say that both decisions were “well thought out” (without me TRYING to think) BEFORE I made the conscious decision – and when I finally made both decisions (one was made 2 weeks before the other),  I did so instantly.

I didnt dither. I didnt hesitate. I didnt think about “what if”. Et al.

No. I just DID IT – and as soon as I made BOTH the decisions – I felt like a huge, huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders in many ways.

Not only that, but almost instantly, POSITIVE things started to happen in my life – and though I would hardly term my life as “negative” – I must admit that the “drag” created from these two people was annoying me and creating nothing but negative vibes every time I spoke to them.

I speak about the importance of vibes in most, if not ALL my books – and there is a GOOD reason behind that, my friend.

Anyway, this has gone on for too long already so  I’ll end it here – but the moral of the story is – don’t be scared to cut people out your life IF they add NOTHING to it in terms of positive energy.

That’s right – don’t be scared to open up a void – that void will FILL almost instantly a 100 times out of a 100.

A million times out of a million.

A BILLION times out of a billion! 

Believe you me, I speak both from what I’ve seen AND FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE here!

And guess what – despite the negativity created by BOTH these people, the  “Zero to Hero” way created positives almost IMMEDIATELY after the negative influence was removed – but only because I let it, of course.

That is key as well – there is no “magic” in life. If you don’t let it happen – it never will.

Other hand, if you let things happen – and do so the RIGHT way – well – stand back and be AMAZED at how your life flows after that.

And how does any of this apply to fitness, you might ask?

Well – simple – STOP doing what doesnt work, my friend. Dare to do what has been PROVEN to work despite what the “naysayers” and “gym maniacs” tell you!

DARE to EMBRACE the concept that cardio doesnt have to be “long and boring hours spent pounding the treadmill”!

DARE to EMBRACE the concept that you CAN get a GREAT workout in with nothing but your own bodyweight – and achieve results far, far superior to ANYTHING you’d get in most commercial gyms.

And so forth. DARE – and then DO – and that’s all there is to it. The “temporary void” WILL fill – make NO mistakes about that!

You do need to know HOW to do it, of course, but thats covered right HERE … All that is required is a simple movement of your index finger, and it’s YOURS, my friend.

Whew, that was a LONG, long one even by my standards. I think I’m going to go pound out some squats now – and do a long, long set at that.

Back later!



P.S. – Letting go may be hard, but letting go of the “junk in the trunk” ain’t hard if you get my drift, hehe – and THIS is how you do it –

P.S. #2 – Proper form is key – and HERE is where you can learn proper form –

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