You don’t have to fit in

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Dear Reader,

A lot of us go through life burdened with expectations of “having to fit in”.

We are expected to “do it the way others do it”. We are expected to “do what the majority of folks do” – and woe betide anyone who “dares” to take a different route. Woe betide anyone who even dares to – cough – DREAM of doing it differently!

And yet – if you look at successful people throughout the ages  – they all have several things in common, and one of those things is that THEY DID THINGS DIFFERENTLY!

That’s right – they didn’t become “one of the herd” or “follow the masses”.

Is that hard? Heck yes it is, especially when you’ve got idiots pestering you constantly to “do it their way”.

“Hey, so and so does it this way, so it must be right!”

“Hey, plenty of folks do it this way, so it must be right!”

Huh?? Guess what my friend – the way the majority of people do things is flat out WRONG in many regards – and fitness is no exception.

Folks happily fork out big bucks for gym memberships, for instance, which they either never end up using or sign up for fancy “shmancy” yoga classes – again, which end up either remaining unused – and in both cases, fail to achieve their desired results.

And then of course it’s back to the ole couch with a huge burp and the “giving up is the easiest thing to do” mentality.

Then you’ve got folks that focus upon the bench press exercise as if it is the one and only way to build a huge chest and strong shoulders – and amazingly enough a lot of these same folks have shoulders that are so shot from this one exercise that even putting on their “muscle” T-shirts is a chore at the best of times – and I’m NOT exaggerating, my friend.


Well, “Joe Blow and his buddies do it”, so it must be good.

Why does “Joe Blow” do it?

Well, “Jane Doe and her friends do it”, so it must be the right thing to do.

Do you see a pattern developing here, my friend?

Now, I’m not “dumping” on those who choose to follow the herd. That’s fine – but when it doesn’t achieve the desired results – then it’s quite obviously something that doesn’t WORK, period.

Can YOU relate to any of the above? 

I bet you can – and I’m here to tell you do NOT need to be “one of the herd”, my friend.

Dare to dream. Dare to do things differently. Dare to do it the way it WORKS – and then proudly SHOW the world your results – and at that point, guess what – they’ll follow YOUR lead!

Dare to do it the 0 EXCUSES way, my friend. You’ll never regret it! 

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Rahul Mookerjee

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