My world famous comment

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Dear reader,

Oh, my, my MY! Seems the “moaners” are out in full force today, hehe, and I’ll share an example of what I mean.

But before I get into that – I mentioned the “world famous comment” in my e-mail title, did I not?

Showl did, my friend – and while more then a few of my comments have caused controversy of various natures (both online and offline) – here is the one I’m referring to.

“You’ve got an unnatural pull in your grip” (and the person who made this comment went on to say “it must be something to do with the exercise you do“).

And while those comments have generated plenty of interest, I recently had the pleasure (perhaps, hehe) of reviewing a comment made by a person who recently purchased my Gorilla Grip book – a course that is going like GANGBUSTERS by the way – and a course that is highly, highly recommended along with the 0 Excuses Fitness System for those looking to develop CRUSHING levels of gripping power that will leave bystanders and those you meet ASTOUNDED.

This person took the time to type out a highly detailed and “verbose” note which in itself was commendable, but was apparently upset that “the same information could be got for free elsewhere”.

He also goes on to state that I provide no “proof” of my conversation with the U.S. Marine (and a great buddy of mine by the way) that made the above comment – and believe you me, friendship has nothing to do with the STRAIGHT from the HEART and unfiltered, HONEST comment he made.

Now, without even meaning to get into the rest of what  he wrote – first off – I didnt create my products for “el cheapo deapos” who buy a product and then feel a tinge of “buyer regret” – NOT because what I say in the book is inaccurate or doesnt work – it’s a sense of regret at having to fork out the buckeroonies to purchase a product that someone put in the time and effort to create).

In fact, and curiously enough, he states that the exercises mentioned in the book DO work. And if this by itself isn’t the “proof in the pudding” of what I mentioned above, then I don’t know what is, hehe. 

Look, my friend, the best things in life ain’t free. That’s a fact of life, whether we care to admit it or not.

Second, judging by the amount of time said reader took to write the (admittedly very well written) post – it would seem that said person falls more into the “read” category rather than the “DO” category.

And I’m sorry – but simply READING a book ain’t gonna get it done, my friend. You read – and then you “get off my thy rumpola” and actually DO what the books and courses tell you to do – and it’s only then that you get any results.

Information by itself is worthless unless and until it’s USED – and that brings me to my next point (and tip) – which is to USE and SPEND your time PRODUCTIVELY, my friend.

Rather than write a “treatise”, this reader would probably have been better off spending time actually doing either the exercises mentioned in the book – or – even better – combining it with what I teach in the VERY BEST FITNESS SYSTEM on this planet – that being the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Heck – it probably took about 10 minutes to write given the length – and you can get a great great, workout in that much time, my friend – – and if you doubt what I’m saying – simply do what I’ve mentioned right HERE  (and it’s FREEEEEEE) –

And that, my dear reader – is THAT! I’m off for my own workout now – back again tomorrow!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Envying success might be an easy way out, my friend. Copying it might be too – and so might “hating it”. And if you’re one of the lot that falls into the above three categories – well – no problemo, amigo!

P.S. #2 – But, if you’re part of the very rare group of DOERS that TAKE DECISION ACTION – well then – click on over HERE to build the cast iron grip that (let’s face it) you’ve ALWAYS WANTED –

P.S. #3 – And yes, I know my newsletter contains several folks that fall into the  “on the fence” part. Don’t hesitate any longer, my friend. Results only come if you take SOLID ACTION – and the only action you need to take it to “lift thy right buttcheek off the chair” and pull out that wallet and get the VERY BEST – and NEWLY REVAMPED – fitness system on the planet NOW – The 0 Excuses Fitness System

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