You look like a movie star!
- Results do speak eh. Hehe.

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Dear reader,

Well, that was precisely what a student of mine told me last afternoon as I was finishing up my “instruction”, hehe.

We were chatting about a few topics and I don’t know how it came up, but come up it did.

“You look like a movie star! Are you sure you’re just an instructor”

“Uh, yeah (loud laugh). I certainly don’t think I look like a movie star, and have no pretensions (or desires, for that matter) of being one, but thanks anyway!”

Up piped another student, this a “gangly” 16 year old at that.

“But you have solid shoulders, a thick chest, and a V -taper!”

“Uh, sure, I do – and I’m proud of that! I workout daily, and … but why do you think I’m a movie star of all things?”

Believe me now and trust me later, I am the LAST person on the face of “God’s green Earth”, hehe, to worry about looks, dress sense or other such things. You’ll usually find me dressed in a faded T-shirt or jeans/cargo pants – and even the T-shirt I’m wearing in the picture I’ve put on the homepage is a relatively NEW T-shirt, which should tell you a lot, hehe.

That’s just how I am – pretty “plain” – and yet, I constantly get the “movie star” (insert term of choice) thing thrown back at me.

Anyway, that last sentence finally hit home and it STRUCK me.

They weren’t necessarily referring to my face, or my “acting chops”. What they were referring to is my physical attributes – and while I’m certainly no “Andre the giant” or even a bodybuilder look alike, the fact remains that the VERY BEST exercise system on the PLANET got me – and keeps in the best shape of my life ever – and all in 30-45 minutes FLAT in my living room. 

Not a single pull-up. Certainly no weights. No “arm” exercises. No “leg curls”. Certainly no babes to ogle either, hehe.

Nothing but me – the floor – and the WALL of my living room – and yet, it gives me results that are way, way superior to what most folks get in the gyms or even from pounding the pavement etc. 

How would you like these comments to be directed at you on a regular basis, my friend?

“You look like a movie star”.

“You’ve got an unnnatural pull in your grip”.

“It must be something to do with the exercises you do”

And so forth – and while I’m not advocating “narcissism” in any way, shape or form (heaven knows I’m the exact opposite) – it sure feels nice to have your hard work “validated” right there in front of you by your very own students (and people in general at that).

And guess what, my friend – YOU can get these results too!

Follow the 0 Excuses way, my friend. Adopt – and FOLLOW – the 0 Excuses Fitness System – the very BEST there is on the planet – and watch your body change miraculously before your very eyes.

And for those on this list that fall into the “Doubting Thomas” category – wait no longer, my friend. Dither no more – unless of course you’re in the group of people that prefer NOT to achieve said results, and in that case, I understand, my friend.

But if you’re part of the growing group of 0 Excuses DOERS – well – then DO NOW, my friend.

Pull out that wallet, and click on over to  and be prepared to see a whole NEW world open up to you almost instantly.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – In terms of the grip, and the “unnnatural pulling power” I’ve mentioned, we’ve got you covered right HERE: –

P.S. #2 – And if you want to know the VERY BEST darn exercise there is – the BEST OF THE BEST as it were – well – click on over HERE: –

P.S. #3 – And no, I could care less about putting “pretty boy” pictures on the site. That’s not me – and it never will be – but you CAN see me huffing after a tough workout in the videos as well as on the cover of the book I just mentioned above!

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