Blazing Cardio!

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Dear reader,

It’s nice to know that I can get in a workout not only “any place, any time”, but also get her done QUICKLY – quicker than most folks expect cardio workouts to take.

Most folks believe that cardio involves long and drawn out routines either at the local gym or time spent “pounding the pavement”, and the stark truth for what it is – is that – YES, the majority of people do get their cardio in that way.

But here’s the kicker – my friend – first off, it’s NOT the best way to get in a great, great cardio workout. Studies have “done” proven (innumerous times at that) that quick INTENSE bursts of cardio do far, far more good for you than “pounding the pavement” does – and by that I don’t just mean cardio wise – I mean it does far, far more good for your overall health, strength and VITALITY levels.

The above is a truism, and is yet amazingly ignored by most folks out there.

And here’s the ultimate kicker – wouldn’t you like to get in a STRENGTH and cardio workout – all in one – and in way, way less time than you’d spend doing any other “commonly known” forms of cardio (excluding sprints)?

Well, I’m sure you would, my friend, and that is PRECISELY what I got in today – and get this – it wasn’t the usual 500 squats/250 pushup routine.

Those numbers stayed the same, but a SMALL and MINOR tweak to the way I did the exercises COMPLETELY CHANGED the entire complexion of the workout, my friend, and I got – well – to put it in short – “nothing short of a BLAZING CARDIO workout”!

And though the entire routine took me 40 minutes, I could have reduced the number and have gotten in a great, great workout in less than 15 minutes – or even EIGHT MINUTES at that.

As for what I did – and the minor tweak – well, you’ll have to crack open your copy of 0 Excuses Fitness to figure that one out, my friend.

But – before you do that – I think I mentioned the “ultimate kicker” above, did I not?

Well, HERE is something ELSE that will STOP you dead in your tracks – the stretch I did at the end of my workout ended up giving me EVEN more cardio (in less than a minute, mind you) – and for those that are wondering, NO, this stretch was NOT a back bridge or any variant thereof.

That’s right – from start to finish – a GREAT, GREAT cardio workout – and I feel so pumped right now I could probably pound out another 500 pushups or so if I so chose, and STILL not be done!

And guess what – this feeling will last with me all night long (being that it was evening when I started).

And thats the way to do it, my friend. Intense workouts that get the ENTIRE body moving and the heart and lungs pumping like THERE’s NO tomorrow – and you’ll be all the better off for it!

Do it NOW, my friend. Run – nay – SPRINT on over and grab your copy of the 0 Excuses Fitness System NOW before I come “a chasing” to make you do it, hehe.



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