Drop dead cardio

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Dear reader,

An apt indeed descriptor for today’s email – and none more so evidenced than by the beads of sweat “dropping”, or “dripping” down my forehead on to the keyboard as I type this post out.

The spacebar was the one that caught it the worst, hehe, but the bottom line is – DROP DEAD cardio is indeed the right way to term it – and no – it won’t literally make you “drop dead” – though it WILL STOP YOU right in your TRACKS if you do ’em right!

And I mean all this in a positive way, my friend.

For you regular readers out there (and I truly commend you for being part of the 0 Excuses Fitness System brigade, my friend), you know my primary means of cardio is none other than the humble “Hindu squat”.

And believe you me, as I keep saying this one exercise will give you ALL the cardio you need, but IF – and ONLY if you do ’em the RIGHT way – and the right way is NOT how most people approach or even do these, my friend.

I go into more detail on these in the 0 Excuses Fitness system, but the key – just ONE of them at that – is – to quite literally DROP – as in “drop dead” into the squat – only you do it on your feet.

My oh my, this one KEY – simple though it is – is often ignored by the majority of people and (judging from some reader feedback I recently received) – even some of y’all that have been doing these for a while and benefiting from ’em.

Anyhow, I did about 400 of these today, and my  legs are HAMMERED, to say the least – and my breathing? Well, I’m not gonna drop dead anytime soon – let me just say that, hehe.

On that note, you’d do well to reduce the amount of “long slow distance” cardio you currently do, my friend. Studies have PROVEN (as I said yesterday) that this sort of cardio is WAY WORSE for your heart and overall health than the way I advocate in 0 Excuses Fitness, and that, my friend is truly the bottom line.

And yet another benefit?

Well, it’ll get YOU looking – DROP DEAD – GREAT (or gorgeous, if you’re one of the ladies reading this, hehe).

Can’t beat that overall package, can ya now?

Nah. I didnt think so.

Scoot on over NOW, my friend – and grab yourself a copy of the BEST FITNESS system on the planet without further ado.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I incorporate yet another amazing tip into my squatting workout that I have NOT detailed in 0 Excuses Fitness – pretty much because it’s way too advanced for most folks out there. Look for it in a future course though – or heck, I might address it in tomorrow’s email.

We’ll see how that goes. In the meantime though, my shoulders, chest and LOWER abs are SORE as hell right now – all from this one variation – which I wouldn’t advise as a primary workout, but WOULD advise to “mix in with the regular squatting routine”.

For now though, let’s put that to the side. BOUND on over to 0 Excuses Fitness right now, and get started pronto, my friend.

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