Bullet to the head

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Dear reader,

As I sit here typing this to you – I’m STILL panting – and I’m covered in sweat from head to tow.

And I’m mentally thanking the gun that was about to deliver the “bullet to my head” and none more so than the hand that “put it there” – in this case, that hand being your’s truly’s.

Now, before you make plans on having the “white coats” arrive en masse, pause but a minute, my friend.

What I just shared with you is just ONE of the most powerful visualizations there is – not only when exercising – but doing anything in life in general.

There’s an old adage which says “Quitters never win”, and to add on to that, it’s darn near impossible to quit if you’ve got a gun pointed at your head, ain’t it?

The great Napoleon Hill once quoted the example of a famous general that was leading his troops into battle, and ordered them to – get this – BURN their ships – their only source of retreat as soon as they arrived at the “battle” shores.

They had no choice – either perish – or win – and though it might sound extreme, win they did, my friend – and it’s true. EVERY BIT OF IT!

I cover visualization as point #1 of the Ten Commandments of Physical Success in the 0 Excuses Fitness System – and truth be told, this ONE tip alone will (if used correctly) lead you to SUCCESS – and resounding success at that in EVERY area of your life, my friend.

But let’s just stick to fitness. I visualized this while completing 200 pushups today – something that normally takes me around 17-18 minutes to get done – and guess what – I not only achieved “record” reps on some of the pushup sets – but I finished in less than 15 minutes flat.

My oh my.

Most folks underestimate the power of the mind and visualization – but – believe me now and trust me later, your MIND is really what controls everything, my friend – NOT your physical body.

Naturally this doesnt need to be taken to extremes. If you really, really cannot crank out another rep – then stop – but for most people, a kick up the arse is what is needed in order to really get them going, such is the nature of the “beast” when it comes to people in this day and age.

Remember, my friend – Quitters never win – and winners never ever quit.

Emblazon this one line in your mind – and combined it with the aforementioned visualization I just gave you while working out the next time, and tell me how you do.

And yes, I know I misspelt “tow” in the initial line of this – such is life in the FLOW, my friend, hehe.

Without further ado then – get in the EXERCISE flow right HERE – http://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I mention the TRUE story of how a student of mine used visualization to improve her skills in a VERY SHORT period of time in the book – grab your copy now – http://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

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