Mammoth arms

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Dear reader,

The above, along with the “six pack look” is probably one of the MOST desired attributes when it comes to folks looking to get fit.

Especially you guys out there –  lets face it – massive arms that look like they literally “bulge” out of the shirts you’re wearing smack of raw STRENGTH and power – not to mention that “imposing” look – and which one of you reading this doesnt want that?

I thought so, hehe.

And as for you ladies reading this, replace the word “mammoth” with “toned”, and the above would be a truism in terms of expected results for you as well.

And yet amazingly enough, though this is what most people train for,  most of them go about the wrong way, my friend.

Here are a few most commonly used “techniques” that will NOT give you the desired results in and as of themselves –

  • Slugging down protein shakes, creatine, and other “supplements” galore until the “chickens come home to roost” ain’t gonna work. A natural diet works the best – and natural “supplements” work the best as well (I’ll detail those in a seperate post)
  • Doing “seated” curls at the gym (your ignoring the two most important parts of the arm there, my friend).
  • “Grunting and moaning” on the pec deck, Nautilus neck machine and other such worthless (yet commonly used) garbage machines at the gym sure as heck ain’t gonna give you the desired results either.

And so forth, and thats just off the top of my head.

Hold on a minute, I hear you say. What WILL work, then?

Well – simple, my friend. What will work is what  has been done for CENTURIES galore – and if you’ve got any doubt about this, cast a gander at the Great Gama’s picture on the 0 Excuses Fitness system webpage.

“Scroll down” a few hundred years  and you’ll arrive at Herschel Walker’s picture.

And so forth – and believe me, the REAL keys to the Gama’s massive arms and overall development was NOT simply doing pushups either.

Yes, pushups were the MAINSTAY of the Gama’s routine, as well as Walker’s – but would you believe me if I told you that the REAL – and IGNORED – key to superior overall body (and arm) development is NOT simply pushups?

‘Tis not the 5000 or so squats he was reputed to do either, although YES – the squatting DID give him those MASSIVE legs of his that you see in the picture.

No – it’s something so amazingly simple that we do it everyday – and yet do it the wrong way. The book and videos detail this repeatedly, and yet, 99/100 times that I train folks I see this CRUCIAL facet of training ignored.

And yes, this key is mentioned on the 0 Excuses Fitness page as well.

Anyway, I just got done with my squats – and I’m still dripping with sweat 10 minutes or so after my workout – which took like 17 minutes in all – and THAT sort of workout, my friend is what you can expect as well if you incorporate this one hidden key into your own routine.

And last – don’t expect to make every workout a “world” record workout either. Thats something else that is commonly ignored.

An example of this is my squatting routine today. I was going to do just 50-100 of them, but it turned out as such – 50, 150, 150, 70, 80 – and I ended up with 500 without hitting max reps in any one of the five sets – but with much the same cardio effect, and in approximately the same amount of time as well.

Anyway, that’s it for now. If you haven’t already, scoot on over and grab your copy of the 0 Excuses Fitness system now, my friend – and get cracking ASAP.

And now, I’m off to do some pushups!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – And no, I’m not going to chase you down repeatedly and “ask” you to “ask me” to reveal the hidden (albeit right there in the open) key that I mention above. Here is where you can get access to this key – as well as many, many other potentially LIFE changing tips and workouts (not to mention instruction) that will BLAST you along the way to your fitness goals in no time at all – The 0 Excuses Fitness System

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