Become a fitness magnet

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Dear reader,

How would you like to go through life feeling an overpowering sense of CONFIDENCE – as well as a sense of “attracting” things you’d like to you – with way less effort than you ever IMAGINED possible?

And the words in capital are there for a reason, my friend, and while you might think right off the bat that I’ve probably got a product to sell you on this – well – think again – as that is NOT the reason I’m writing this post.

Matter of fact, my new book Zero to Hero addresses what I said above – and way, way more – so much more that the two lines above barely even begin to scrape the very tip of that humungous iceberg, my friend.

But for now – lets stick to fitness, shall we?

So, let’s take the statement (I should say question, but again – there is a solid reason for calling and making it a statement) above and then apply it to fitness.

How would you  like to go through life being the FITNESS MACHINE you’ve always wanted to be?

How would you like to go through life feeling that no matter what – your workout will ALWAYS save the day?

Not only that – a feeling of engaging in workouts that not only help you get the body of your dreams as a “side result”, but also keep you fit and healthy as a fiddle?

And last, but not least, how would you like to be, as the title says – a FITNESS MAGNET?

Quite literally “magnetizing” fitness to you?

What I just asked you above might sound incredulous, but believe you me, it’s nowhere near as stupendous as it sounds if you think about it at length.

And while I’m not going to get into the reasons here, Zero to Hero does more than a fair job of addressing it, so for those interested, grab a copy ASAP.

For now, let me give you a simple technique that you can try.

A lot of you reading this are probably at the stage where you are “unhappy” at the person that stares back at you in the mirror – and if that is you – not to worry – I’ve been there myself as well.

Physically, perhaps you can’t fit into those pair of jeans you snuck into a couple of years ago or perhaps even a few months ago.

Perhaps it’s all those late nights and all that beer catching up with ya, or perhaps it’s just the “bloated”, “dead tired” feeling which you get after stuffing your gullet full – beyond normal capacity at the latest new buffet, and doing so with alarming regularity.

Perhaps it’s the man boobs that you’ve been unable to get rid of for years, and can’t really hide despite choosing your clothes with as much care as a honeybee buzzing around constructing a bee hive?

Whatever it is – here is what I’m asking you to do.

Form an image in your mind of what you WANT to look like, my friend. Then put that image down on paper (or for the technically inclined, Photoshop it).

Carbon copy a fit person’s body and superimpose your own face on it – I dont care how you do it, but just get that final image ready – and no – it does NOT need to look pretty – it just needs to get the point across.

Staple, pin, paste, glue, sticker, or whatever the image to your bedroom wall, or some place you’ll see it ALL the time.

Make it your desktop wallpaper. Make it your iPhone wallpaper if you so choose. Point again is not necessarily so much “where” you place the darn picture. The point is you place it somewhere you see it ALL the time on a DAILY basis.

Take a couple of minutes out each day to look at this picture, and visualize yourself actually BEING that fit.

Not “how” and the “process” of getting fit. Just the end result.

Combine it with a sensible diet and exercise program – and do this religiously for a month – and report back on your progress.

I’ll bet its astounding – and of course, if you’re looking to speed up the process even more, then the best exercise system on the planet is what you WANT to accompany you along the way, my friend –

Again, don’t ask why. Don’t question. Just do it, and report back on the results after a month.

Well, thats it for now, my friend. I’m off to parkate of some green tea and then get my own workout in. Can feel it in my bones, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Yes, yes, yes,  I do have a product to sell you – and here it is – the best fitness system on the planet HANDS DOWN – and believe me now and trust me later, this system WILL propel you along the way to becoming a FITNESS MAGNET. Here is that link – click on over right NOW, my friend –

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