Sweaty winter shennanigans

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Dear reader,

My, oh my, oh MY – and no – it’s not the sort of shennanigan that is most likely upper most in y’alls minds right about now.

No fire to curl up to here, and certainly no “winter comfort” to cuddle up to here, my friend.

No hot scones, biscuits, or “hot soul” food, hehe.

Nothing of that nature – me and the floor and HINDU SQUATS – gone WILD, my friend. Quite literally gone wild.

I just  had the workout of my LIFE – and guess what – the sweat not be a dripping or “beading” down my brow.

It be POURING, my friend – and my glasses feel  like a windshield drenched in torrential rain – with NO wipers to wipe ’em off, hehe.

My God almighty- I finished 500 of them squats in – get this – 14: something minutes, and that, my dear reader, and as a lot of you will be saying is a personal best for me – beat my previous personal best by about a minute and  a half.

Doesnt sound like much, but the average person / gym goer calls it quits after doing more than 20 of these in proper FORM and the right CADENCE, my friend – and that’s being generous. In fact, even those that can squat massive poundages in the gym end up “on the floor” after a couple of sets of this, and I ain’t exaggerating.

Anyhow, I realize there will be those reading this that will STILL be shaking their heads in disbelief and amazement and saying to themselves “Rahul’s off his rocker for sure. Nothing beats weighted squats”  – and if you’re one of those people saying that right now – well – guess what, my friend.

I am NOT going to try and convince you of the opposite. A quick read through the site and blog should be enough convincing, to be honest, but if you need more?

Well, then 0 Excuses Fitness aint for you, my friend. You might as well click on away right now.

But if you’re part of the crowd that thinks otherwise, well guess what – I will give you a “secret” tip right NOW that I used to blast my previous bests through the roof tonight (right before I sat down to writing this).

And that tip is not covered in the book / videos – it’s to reward you for being a regular reader of this newsletter/blog, my friend.

And what is it, you ask?

Well – simple –  I focused upon my SHADOW while finishing the reps. Everything else I normally allude to as well – but MAINLY this – and guess what – THAT is what got me to a record time count on these today.

Why? Well – the answer is astoundingly simple and mind numbingly obvious (hint – shadow boxing?) – but I’ll let you figure it out for now.

And if not, well, you’ll have to wait for future posts. RIght now I’m so stoked that I can barely type this post out, so pumped are my forearms from THIS one workout – and there’s more to come, hehe.

I’m off to do some pushups. In the meantime, here is where YOU should BE off to RIGHT NOW, my friend – http://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Plenty more “shennanigans” in store as well – but you’ll have to crack open your copy of the book to read about ’em, hehe.

P.S #2 – Don’t dilly, my friend. Don’t dally. Don’t waste precious seconds ruminating over “what might be”. Take action now – and order YOUR copy of the very best fitness system there is on the planet right HERE – http://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/.


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