Balcony squats

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Dear reader,

Well, being it’s such a glorious day out there, and being my last post was a trip down memory lane, I figure what better way to start the next one with yet another (albeit brief) trip down memory lane.

Now, I mentioned hill climbs in the last post – and believe me – there is FAR more to that story than I mentioned in that post. In fact I could write an entire book on hill training (and I might well do so at some point in the future) – and it still would NOT do justice to the sheer amount of time I’ve put in training on hills.

Some things are priceless, my friend – and this is what I keep saying to the “el cheapos” who claim that “it should be lower priced”.

Huh?? I’ve already priced my stuff as low as possible – and for the sheer VALUE you get – and the sheer EFFORT and the YEARS I took to learn what I’m sharing with you? I could charge far more than I am right now and still be well justified, but anyway, for now, let’s get onto “memory trip #2”, hehe.

‘Twas September, and I was living on the fourth floor in, funnily enough, the same “garden” (the Chinese have this curious tendency to refer to apartment complexes as “gardens” – apparently the Chinese equivalency “hua yan” translates into “garden” in English) I was when I first discovered the almighty hill I referred to in my last post.

It was a hot muggy day, and yet the evening was somewhat cooler. The breeze was blowing – and given that my balcony overlooked a small pond of sorts (gardens have ponds, hehe) the breeze felt all that much cooler.

And though I generally workout in my living room, I figured THAT was the perfect time to workout outdoors – as opposed to the “10AM – 12 noon” time I used to choose at a certain point in my life (and that too during the summers – yes – I am a certifiable exercise LOON, hehe) – and it was done at the top of the very hill I referred to in my last post.

Anyway, I’m a living room workout man for the most part now – and that is what I teach in 0 Excuses Fitness – but I figured I’d start outdoors on the balcony and get some fresh air while I was doing so.

It was about 7:00 P.M. when I started, and approximately 7:20 P.M. when I finished – and man oh man, though the squats make me breathe deeply and pant and pespire like no tomorrow even now, the cool breeze blowing outdoors made it feel like NOTHING.

And that right there is a tip unto itself, my friend – train outdoors when possible. You don’t quite have to reach “crazy” levels of outdoor training like I mentioned a couple of paras above, but training outdoors in comfortable weather is almost always better than training indoors – and definitely good if you want a change.

Train under shade (I’ve often trained under trees in HOT weather, and believe me, they made all the difference), or on your balcony, or your rooftop for all I care – but the fresh air and the BREEZE outside makes all the difference – give it a shot, and let me know how it works for you!

Anyway, the other thing I noticed at that time was that several other Chinese were doing similar things on THEIR balconies. One old lady was engaging in a variety of vigorous stretches that would leave the average “young un” squirming for mercy if they tried it.

Yet another gentleman was partaking of deep breathing exercises to enlarge the chest – simply deep breathing by itself, and while it wasn’t a “ball buster” by any standard of the imagination, no problemo – he was doing SOMETHING.

So all in all, that was a great, great workout – and though I finished up indoors, that outdoor part of the workout is what I really wanted to tell you about.

More flashbacks in the future, hehe. For now, it’s back to my green tea – and my workout coming up shortly!



P.S. – And being I’m having pangs of nostalgia right now, I might well do what I did a few months ago – and revisit that hill once again. Old memories die hard as they say, and though the climb itself is easy peezee for me now, who knows? I might just discover something new – and I’ll be sure to share it here with ya!

P.S. #2 – For now though, get your buns over to THIS link pronto, and start working out the way the BEST do, my friend –

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