Think fitness

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Dear reader,

When I first started doing high rep squats  or pushups, believe it or not, at a certain stage in my life I couldn’t pound out more than maybe 25-30 Hindu squats at once – or perhaps 15-20 regular pushups.

Amazingly enough, this same person (ME) was able to crank out hundreds of repetitions of the same exercise a few years ago – and then fast forward a few years later – and it was back to ZERO.

And fast forward to NOW – at the “ripe” old age of 37, hehe, and I’m in the very best shape of my life – even better than when I was in my prime.

Sure – there are many factors involved in this “life journey”, but the ONE thing that MOST OF YOU reading this can relate to is “having being fit at one stage in your life”.

“Oh, I used to so fit back in the day!”

“Oh, I used to be able to fit into those jeans – but I’m so old now! Life just seems like drudgery now!”

And so forth – and if you can identify with any of these comments, and a lot of you probably can – well – NOT to worry, my friend.

As I said above – THINK FITNESS.

We’re thinking thoughts all day long, my friend. Why not think of yourself as FIT and STRONG – the way you want to be – instead of your “current couch potato state”?

Why not “look at a different person” when you see the “fat and out of shape you staring back at you in the mirror”?

True – “thinking” alone will NOT get you there – but believe you me, it’s one of the, if not THE most important parts of getting there – and getting to whatever goals you have, fitness or non fitness related for that matter.

The FIRST commandment in the Ten Commandments of Successful Physical Training in 0 Excuses Fitness addresses this – and there is a damned good reason as to why it’s #1 on that list of all important items.

Anyway, here is a little “to do list” for those of you that are currently in the “I can’t do that many pushups!” or “I used to be so fit once upon a …. (ages)” stage – or a facsimile thereof.

  1. Take action – and in this case ACTION translates to grabbing the 0 Excuses Fitness System – and that you can do right here –
  2. Write down your fitness goals on a piece of paper, and put these goals where you can SEE them – ALL the time.
    1. Make a short list – perhaps 5 or so. But, put whats most important to you on that list. And make sure to put it in a place you’ll see it VERY frequently.
  3. Crack open the 0 Excuses Fitness System and do what it tells you to do!

And amazingly enough, my friend – although all three steps are equally important, #2 is probably the MOST important of the lot – although yes, #2 by itself will NOT – I repeat NOT – get you there – but it is the missing factor that so many people overlook.

Yes, you read that right – THINK your way to fitness – or (even most astoundingly so) – IMAGINE your way to whichever goal you set  for yourself.

It’s true – and it works – and why?

Because I’ve done it my friend – and so can YOU – if you set your mind to it!

And that’s it for now. Back again later!



P.S. – The above will obviously work for any fitness goals you set for yourself, but yes, you do need to know “how” – and “how” is right HERE, partner –

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