No why

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Dear reader,

If you’ve been in mainland China for any length of time, you’ve probably heard it, eh?

“Mei you wei shen mo” – which literally translated into English means “no why”.

And this one expression (although not my favorite) would suffice as an answer to many questions that folks often have about fitness – and life in general, my friend.

What do I mean?

Well, here’s a snippet from a convo I recently had with a (Chinese) student of mine –

“Why are you so fit, Rahul?”

“Well, because I workout daily.  I practice what I preach, and make sure to take out time out of a busy day to workout – usually twice a day”.

“But, but … you don’t swim. You don’t run. You don’t go to the gym. So, why you so fit, Rahul?”

“Uh …well, because … I just told you, didn’t I??”

“But why are bodyweight squats better for you than going to the gym?”

“Well, because …” (and here I proceeded to give her a list of reasons which really should be obvious, but aren’t apparently).

“Yes, but why? My friend said they’re bad, so why do you say they’re good?”

Ugggggghhhhh. I’m sure you see what I mean, don’t you?

And the perfect answer to this, and many other ridiculous “over thought” questions that folks have when it comes to fitness is this – NO WHY.

That – followed by the site tagline – which is (and ’tis apt indeed) – JUST DO IT!

Look, don’t waste time endlessly questioning why pushups do a far better job of training the entire body than weights or yoga. Stop thinking – and just DO the darn pushups, and you’ll soon find out for yourself.

Don’t waste time asking why “Hindu” pushups build shoulders like boulders – just do the darn exercise, and you’ll find out.

No why, as the Chinese like to say, and while this doesn’t need to be taken to extremes, it is indeed an apt answer for many questions that don’t really need to be asked in the first place itself.

Now, granted – this “no why” does piss me off at time, especially when asking legit questions. The question my student asked was legit – but asking why AFTER she was given legit reasons as to “why”?

Well, I’m sorry – but anyone who does that is stuck in a vicious circle of excuses, and willingly so.

Bottom line – there’s no why, my friend.

Just do it – and you’ll see for yourself.

As an aside, my own workout today started off as “less than ideal” – but guess what – it finished off as one of the best ones ever, and I’m feeling GREAT – on cloud nine as it were as I sit here writing this to you.

You too, can have that feeling, my friend – and have it ALL day long – but you do have to stop questioning.

Just DO it, my friend. Just do it – order now – and then EXPERIENCE for yourself!



P.S. – There is indeed no why, my friend – especially NOT when it comes to the BEST fitness system on the planet –

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