Ignore the energy suckers

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Dear friend,

In just a few “lines” from now, I’m going to give you a tip – a POWERFUL indeed tip that will aid you along the way to achievement, contentment and – yes – prosperity as well – and guess what.

It’s got nothing to do with hard work – or work at all, for that matter.

And though imagination IS everything – this particular tip has got nada to do with that. Zilch, zip, nada, schnada.

No – what I’m telling you to do is to (and implement this change RIGHT NOW in your life at that) is to ignore those that “nothing but energy suckers” in some way, shape or form.

Who is an energy sucker, you might ask?

Well – good question – when you’re around a certain person – how do you feel?

Do you feel uplifted? Positive? Upbeat? Ready to take on the world?

Or, do you feel even more “downbeat” than you were before? Do negative feelings and feelings of “having nothing” come flooding back galore after speaking (or communicating in any way) with this person?

There you have your answer, my friend. If you answered “yes” to that second question, then that said person is an “energy sucker” instead of an “energy creater”.

And well meaning or well intentioned though these people might be, it is wise to avoid such people altogether – or limit contact with said people to the bare minimum.

People that “say they’ll do it” but somehow find an excuse not to despite there being no real reason.

People that “say they’ll get back to you” but are usually “too busy” (popping open the next pack of Doritos, or slamming more beer, hehe) to get back in the form of a response that would take no more than a minute to “craft” – people that amazingly enough have all the time in the world to talk to you when THEY need something.

And of course, those that want “freebies” all the time.

Case in point being, “Lady L” who I wrote about earlier on (do a search on the blog if you can’t recall who she was).

This woman pestered me up and down using various “insidous” means (one of them being “my friend introduced you to me” – and btw that friend never once asked for anything free) to give me a free copy  of one of my products.

Anyway she kept badgering me regardless.

“I need help!”

“I have a personal trainer, but I want more tips!”

“Boo hoo! You are not kind to me!”

(that last one being the most incredulous of the lot, but whatever).

I finally gave in and mailed her a copy of one of my OLD products and made a deal.

“Ok, so I’ll give you this for free – but guess what – you’ll have to DO the exercises mentioned therein”.

“Oh, of course! Of course I will, Rahul! Thank you so much!”

I gave her the course (an old one, since updated galore) – and true to form, I didnt even hear a peep out of her after I emailed her. Not even a simple “thank you”.

A few months later, I received a message from her asking for – get this – another freebie.

I burst out laughing, and asked her if she had honored the previous deal, and of course, pat came pouring EXCUSES galore.

“I’m too busy!”

“Sob! I  just started a new job!”

“Yeah, yeah” (I tried to get a word in sideways) – “but it only takes like 10 minutes to TRY, and …”

“Boo hoo! You don’t understand me”

I could go on and on, but you get the point, don’t you?

Bottom line – people that WASTE time with meaningless and foolish excuses and find every “reason” in the book not to do what really should have been done yesterday are to be AVOIDED at all costs.

I implemented this rule in my life a year or so ago, my friend – and believe me – the changes that took place in my life since have been nothing short of awe inspiring.

Long story short – CUT energy DRAINS out of your life. You may feel that the “void” won’t fill, but fill it will, my friend – and it will fill with POSITIVE energy in more ways than one.

You’ll have to experience this for yourself to see what I’m talking about, my friend.

Do it – FEEL it!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Oh, and the most incredulous part of the “Lady L” story? Last I heard she’s still “struggling on” with a personal trainer in a “vain” attempt to lose that rapidly expanding G.M. (el gluteous maximus) of plenty … Is there an award someplace for sheer STUPIDITY??

P.S. #2 – To those of you on this list that are still “fence sitters” and haven’t ordered a copy of 0 Excuses Fitness, well, let me give you another tip, my friends. Time waits for no-one, and it won’t wait for you. Quit playing “lookie lou”, my friend – it’s just NOT productive.

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