Back from the KONG

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Dear friend,

Well, well, well, what a day its been. After writing that last blog post and blasting it off (or so I think) to my daily list, I suddenly realize it was time for me to roll on over to the neighboring Kong, and so I did.

On that note, if you haven’t yet signed up for our daily list – what are you waiting for, my friend? It’s FREEE … and I’ll be sending you these blog posts, and sometimes more in the form of email – right smack there in your Inbox on a daily basis.

So if you haven’t done it as of yet – scoot on over to the newsletter page (you’ll see it up there on the menu) and enter in your name and e-mail address – and bang – you’re done.

Wait a minute, I hear some of y’all saying. The neighboring Kong? King Kong? Ping Pong? Bonggg ….ah, but I best not go there, hehe.

Well, what I meant by “Kong” was a quick trip to HK was on the cards since last week, and for some odd reason it slipped my mind when I was writing the post beneath – but came to mind right thereafter.

Approximately 54 minutes for yours truly to leave and being it was a “day” trip and being that the “Kong” is only about 1.5 hours away from where I’m at, I figured I better leave early (or as early as possible) to avoid rush hour getting back – and it seems I managed that succesfully.

400 squats, 200 pushups and a few stretches, and then a quick lunch – all within 43 odd minutes, and I was RARING to go, my friend. I BE raring to go – but thats not the reason I’m telling you about this.

No, it’s because the mere mention of the word “Kong” conjures up the next obvious thing in most people’s minds – that being the mighty King Kong himself.

That’s right – the behemoth. The lumbering giant. Goliath in “animal form” – call him what you may, but there is NO denying King Kong is till date one of the most AWE inspiring movies ever made, if just for the sheer size and raw power of the “gorilla” itself.

And believe me now and trust me later – after the grizzly bear – there is probably NO animal/ primate out there that beats the gorilla for strength on a pound to pound basis.

The above probably has you nodding your head in agreement. We’ve all seen how gorillas are built – especially their arms – shoulders – upper backs and – last, but NOT LEAST – their FOREARMS!

Have you ever seen how strong, sinewy, ripped and POWERFUL a gorilla’s forearms are, my friend? Not just gorillas of course – primates in general have a bone crushing grip to say the least – and if a little baby chimpanzee were to grab your finger and squeeze, he’d have you screaming “Uncle” in no time flat.

‘Tis true, my friend – and if you think I’ve got something to sell you on this one – you’re right – but its probably NOT what you’re thinking.

Though 0 Excuses Fitness is by far the BEST darn fitness system on the planet, what I’m asking you to take a gander at right now is Gorilla Grip, my friend.

I mean let’s face it – we ALL want a bone crushing grip – but how many of us really know how to build it?

How many of us really know how to skyrocket our gripping ability to SCARY levels – to  levels where folk s start making remarks about “you having an unnatural pull in your grip”?

How many really WANT – but can’t figure out how to build a GRIP like a GORILLA – not to mention shoulders to boot?

Most folks reading this, I bet – but fret no more – the ultimate in grip building is right HERE, my friend.

And the ultimate is Gorilla Grip – a POWER packed manual with 16 additional exercises that will build that bone crushing grip you’ve always wanted, my friend.

You’ll be the “envy of the party” once you start delivering these bone crushers to “unsuspecting” ones, hehe.

Man I’m so excited about this I can barely type. Lumber on over NOW to the order page right here, and get cracking on the road to a super grip right NOW!




P.S. – And if you think pull-ups are all that is required, well, think again my friend. Pull-ups are awesome – and WILL build a super grip – but my own grip only really started to move into “monstrously mind boggling” levels once I did what I teach in 0 Excuses Fitness and COMBINED it with the 16 extras in Gorilla Grip.

Don’t miss out for a minute longer, bro. You know you want it. You know you want to be the one with the bone CRUNCHING handshake (without even trying). Well, “want” just translated into “GET” right here – –

P.S. #2 – Be on the lookout soon for another little “Kong” related tidbit – and again – its probably NOT what you’re expecting right about now.


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