Fat food

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Dear reader,

Well, I believe I missed a “s” in there somewhere, hehe – but for a good reason.

Being I’m currently in China where I’m engaged in some business for the nonce, I’ve been doing some digging on whats going on “locally” as of late.

Just yesterday I picked up a copy of a magazine that is supposed to be a “popular” magazine in town – especially for a lot of the expats that live here.

I’m not going to name it here in this blog, but suffice it to say that while the mag itself might be popular – a lot of the “choices” that “scream out” at you in terms of “things to do” don’t really endear themselves to fitness, or even a healthy life in general.

In fact, the very cover of this magazine what was what really caught my attention – and it was “very fast food”. They should really have labeled it “very fat food” as that is EXACTLY what this type of food will do to you, my friend – it will make you FAT.

And guess what – they weren’t referring to the usual culprits here (Micky D’s, KFC etc). No, apparently the local populace wants something “even faster” – that being “convenient fast food” – a.k.a the utter junk served up by convenience stores in the name of “quick food”.

Of course, it all sounds very attractive to the causal reader. One of the articles reads “picture a warm sausage thats filled with cheese or ketchup and rests in the warm embrace of a steamed bun” – but what it doesnt tell you, of course, is the piles of flab that warm cheese, bun and ketchup will add on to you.

And sadly enough, this is what most people are buying into in  this day and age of “instant gratification” – and the results are showing, my friend – even in a country like China which used to be traditionally one of the fittest countries in the world.

No  longer, my friend. Take a gander around you the next time you visit mainland China – especially the cities – and you might be forgiven for thinking you’ve ended up in an “Asian Western country” judging by the number of ponderous bellies on display and “Glutenous Maximuses of plenty”, if you get my drift, hehe.

Childhood obesity is not just an epidemic here – it’s becoming a raging PANDEMIC – and the media does zilch all to combat this.

Back to the mag I’m referring to – leaf past the junk about fast food – and you get to the “main” part of the mag which features pictures aplenty of folks sitting in a bar drinking to excess.

Leaf on past that, and there’s a section on “things to do”. NOT a bad idea – and yet – amazingly enough – NONE of those “things to do” mention EXERCISE – or anything that involves getting off one’s rumpus. In fact, most of the things to do mentioned involve nothing other than a person’s backside and the couch – and perhaps a remote control or two as well.

Now, lest you think I’m some sort of tee-totaller or against alcohol consumption in any form – well – THINK AGAIN, my friend. I’m certainly not.

Neither am I against the occasional “binge” when it comes to food. Hey, we’re all human – we all do it from time to time – but the key is to do it in MODERATION, my friend.

And the REAL key is to exercise the way we were MEANT to exercise – and once you do that – your body will forgive you for some of the occasional transgressions you might end up making.

As Jack La Lanne once famously said, “Exercise is king, and nutrition is queen – together they make a kingdom”.

Sage words indeed, my friend. Sage indeed.

Ditch the “glossies” promoting long and ardous workouts in the “glitzy” gyms that lead nowhere.

Ditch the “fat food” despite it’s “outward promise”. Ditch the couch. Ditch the “umpteenth glass of brew” that always seems like a good idea – it’s NOT.

Instead, scoot on over to the 0 Excuses Fitness page, and grab your copy – not just the book and videos, but a FREE COPY of the Simple and Effective Diet which I’m including in the package for a limited amount of time.

That’s right – absolutely FREEEEEE – but only for a short period of time.

Jump on this offer NOW, my friend – it won’t last forever! 



P.S. – Here is the “slim food” link again – http://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

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