Your breath is your power

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Dear reader,

Yes, you read that right – your breath IS your power, and in more ways than one.

Most of the old timers swear by this one saying – and it matters not if we’re talking bodyweight training or training with weights, dumbbells, or kettlebells.

The axiom holds true regardless. Your breath is your power – and your breathing, and the WAY you breathe holds the hidden keys (one of them, at any rate, but one of the most important) to achieving whatever fitness goals you have in mind.

It matters not if you’re looking for the “washboard abs” or simply trying to do 100 pushups in ONE set without pausing – your breath,  my friend is what holds the real key to accomplishing said goals.

But the most amazing thing is, and this is something most people do NOT realize, is that your BREATH is what holds the key to accomplishments in ANY area of your life.

That’s right, my friend.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a salesperson “chomping at the bit” to make the next sale or a blogger pounding out a blog post – or a writer, for that matter, in a state of flow “chained” to the keyboard as it were.

How you breathe makes a HUGE difference to your life in general, my friend.

Breathe the right way, and watch your accomplishments SOAR.

Other hand, breathe the wrong way – or as “most” adults breathe – and watch your results stagnate or worse.

Have you ever seen a baby breathe? Not just a baby – kids until the age of about 5 or 6 I’d say…

They breathe in from the abdomen. Each breath is a long, deep, UNHURRIED breath, and the exhale is equally unhurried.

And kids never seem to run out of energy, do they? I’ve never heard a young kid complain and whinge along the lines of “life sucks” – have you?

And the key to this is their breathing, my friend.

We’ve forgotten how to breathe. Most of us breathe in a shallow or hurried manner, and most of us end up HOLDING our breath while we’re working on something important – when it should be the exact reverse.

In the 0 Excuses Fitness “back workout” video ((although even the back workout that I mention works the ENTIRE BODY, my friend) I tell you specifically NOT to hold your breath as you stretch further and further into a stretch that might seem outlandish and impossible when you first see it, and yet, it’s not, my friend.

The 0 Excuses Fitness System

Believe it or not, I’m guilty of this at times as well. Changing my breathing patterns took a long, long time for me to do, but once I mastered it, my life started to change almost instantly.

And so will yours, my friend.

The next time you’re stuck in a particularly sticky or “annoying” situation – do this.

Take 10 deep, slow breaths and literally FEEL the inhale and exhale on EACH BREATH.

Don’t take 1, or 3.  And please don’t tell me you’re too busy. Taking 10 deep breaths doesn’t take that long – 20 seconds tops – and my goodness, everyone has 20 seconds, don’t they?

AFTER you do this, return to figuring out a practical means of solving whatever problem it is that you are facing.

As you chalk out your plan (either on paper or in your head) – keep on breathing, my friend. Keep doing it the way I said it.

Watch your results literally SOAR.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. –  25 pushups in one set is great, but what if you want to do 35? 50? Or even 100? Most people find it tough to do 25 in one set in proper form and at the right cadence; however, even those who have mastered this are often unable to break past the “mental barrier” of 25.

Not to worry though. Breathe the way you see my breathing during the WORKOUT videos in 0 Excuses Fitness – and watch your rep counts soar –

The 0 Excuses Fitness System

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