Am I the “world president”?

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Dear reader,

Hilarious, but true – one of my wife’s favorite comments is “Are you the world president”?

I hear this on a regular basis (well, about every two or three days), and why do I hear this?

Well, being I’m currently on travel (yet again), I’m not physically present with my family at this point in time, and probably not for a few days more – and so “online calls” (of the nature I mentioned in my last post, although that was  a while ago) are the way to keep in touch.

Now, being the “routine oriented” person that I am (and that you should be as well), I usually stick to a routine for these calls, but my “significant other” is of a “significantly” different bent of mind and doesn’t believe much in routines of any order.

And what that leads to is calls galore at odd hours, and for some odd reason, usually when I’m working and when I have the phone on IGNORE, and .. well .. I think you can guess the outcome thereafter, hehe.

I recently saw a meme with a gorilla “cowering in fear” and text on the meme was “Husbands – never ever dare to tell your significant other you are wrong”, hehe.

Laugh all you like, my friend, but it seems to be a truism – but yet – in all seriousness – being IN the ZONE is one of the KEYS to accomplishment in any area of your life, my friend.

Most people don’t really understand what “being in the zone” means – and if you’re not in the zone, you’re not achieving or even MOVING CLOSER TO achieving anything, my friend.

I speak about this at length in Zero to Hero (, but the bottom line – if you’re doing something – do it with VIM, VIGOR – and GUSTO – and get this – do it with SINGLE MINDED FOCUS!

And single minded focus is hard to achieve with what I consider to be one of the banes of modern day living – the smartphone, which for whatever reason beeps with messages (and that annoying ring tone) at all odd hours of the day and night unless you quite literally put the darn thing on IGNORE – which is what I usually do, not because I’m a believer in ignoring people, but because it allows me to get so much more DONE, my friend.

And this is today’s tip, my friend.

I don’t care if your writing a blog post, creating a product, crafting a sales letter, spending time with your loved ones, watching a movie, or (even) sitting on the couch “vegging out”.

Whatever it is your doing – do that one thing to the exclusion of all others – and believe you me,  this one tip alone with SKYROCKET you along the path of getting more done – in less time – and the benefits?

Well, you’ll be able to spend more time doing whatever it is you were doing before you, the “world president” was interrupted, hehe.

Simple enough, and a no-brainer, me thinks.

Implement this tip – as well as others you’ll find in Zero to Hero, and watch your life dramatically take a turn for the better.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – You can grab “Zero to Hero” right here – and join the “World President” on a condensed version of his life towards the start of the book –

P.S. #2 – I’ve read that more and more Americans are ditching their smartphones and going back to the good ole days of “flip phones”. Can only be a good thing, methinks!

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