You’re never a master

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Dear reader,

What I’m about to say might go against everything you’ve ever heard about fitness, or life in general – so listen up, friend.

Most of us have been told that  it’s far better to do “many things” at one time, and do those many things with the goal of progressing in them – as opposed to doing just a few – or even ONE thing – that you are really good at.

That one thing you were really cut out for – and let’s talk fitness here.

Let’s narrow it down to pushups – and to narrow it down even further, the military style pushup that we’ve all heard of, right?

Now, the remark most folks would make when told that pushups and doing them well is the KEY to your overall health and fitness would be to laugh.

“Pah! Just pushups! That’s just bodyweight – how can it make me stronger?”

“Humph! How can pushups help with my legs” … and so forth.

And yet, my friend, the TRUTH is – that even if you take the good ole humble pushup – there’s so many different variations and ways to do each and every one of these variations that even accomplished fitness experts ALWAYS have something to learn.

And I’m not an exception to that rule either, my friend.

While pounding out my 300 squats today I learned something new – a subtle, slight variation that works the body differently – and that I have NOT put out in my books and courses before either.

Why – well, simply because I learn something NEW every time I do these exercises, my friend – and learning new things – and then DOING them benefits me in ways you can’t even begin to imagine.

In 0 Excuses Fitness I write its far better to be a “master at something rather than a jack of all trades”, and it’s not just me that says that.

It’s – listen up – ANYONE that has ever accomplished anything of worth in their lives that make this one of the central tenets of their “life philosophy” – or “approach to life” in general.

Jack La Lanne said it, for one.

So did the incomparable Napoleon Hill, albeit in different words.

The Great Gama did 3000 or so pushups a day. Hereschel Walker pounds out a ton of pushups on a regular basis.

And so forth. I’d call both the above people experts at pushups – but amazingly enough, ask ’em (either in this life or the next, hehe, when it comes to the Great Gama), and they’ll be the first to tell you that what I just told you above is a FACT – and one you’d do well to remember.

And the other fact, is, my friend  that sitting around and “hoping” or even just “reading” my daily dispatches ain’t-a-gonna get the job done.

As Twain said “simply nodding the head won’t rock the boat”. And it’s so true, my friend.

It’s SO true.

Without further ado then, nod the head – and then BOUND over to the following link to place your order –

I look forward to serving you with the BEST fitness program on the planet.


Rahul Mookerjee

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