Been there, done that

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Dear friend,

Do you know what one of the biggest problems plaguing the fitness, and the modern day world in general is?

It’s the lack of real experts in any field – the palpable lack of experts, I should say.

Everyone with an opinion wants to be an expert. Fitness trainers, yoga teachers, school teachers, and even the average “Joe” – or should I say “bro” who apparently thinks a few hours spent on Google researching a certain subject makes you an expert.


Newsflash – it doesn’t.

Research alone won’t make you an expert, my friend. Reading books alone sure as heck won’t either.

Neither will posting on forums, or “Googling” to find the best solution (and then presenting that solution to all and sundry in a “tacky” “semi-expert” sort of manner).

True, there’s nothing at all wrong with gathering knowledge and researching. I do it all the time myself. But, it’s NOT what makes you an expert at anything.

What’s the real key then?

What’s the real “hallmark” of an expert?

Well, first off, true expertise in any endeavor is rarely, if ever, achieved by anyone, my friend. Might sound amazing, but even the biggest achievers will readily tell you that they are ALWAYS in learning mode – and that there is always something new to be learnt.

Funnily enough it’s the “so called” experts at anything that “block their minds” to outside input and other sources of learning, claiming that “it’s their way or the highway because their way is the best”.

You’ll find none of that rubbish in the 0 Excuses Fitness course, my friend.

True, I make the claim that its the BEST fitness system on the planet in terms of overall health, strength and fitness – and with darn good reason, my friend.

I’ve been there, and done that – and so have plenty of OTHER people – both in this day and age and – more importantly – THROUGHOUT the centuries, my friend.

This isn’t a new fad. The exercises I promote are NOT new – but I can wager my last dollar that you’ve probably not seen a lot of these exercises done the way I teach them – and especially not with regard to the deep breathing involved.

Most of all though, the keen and “involved” reader will sense the “ring of truth” coming from the words I write.

In other words, I’ve been there and done that, my friend – and THAT, at the end of the day is what qualifies me to create and promote my fitness products to the average “couch-beached whale” out there – or on the other end of the spectrum, even those that think they’re “super fit” (and in many case they ARE reasonably fit, yes).

I’ve been a lardass at a certain point in my life – and nothing worked for me like what I teach in 0 Excuses Fitness.  I’ve done all the wrong things in terms of diet at a certain point in my life as well.

Other hand, we’ve all read about my maniacal dedication to fitness – specifically, REPEATED hill climbs in weather that leaves you dripping like a sponge merely by putting one foot outdoors of the  air-conditioning – think humidity levels at 95% – with the outside temperature at over 37 centigrade IN THE SHADE.

In between, I was also at the “in reasonable shape” stage of my life at a certain point in my life where I swam daily, but with incorrect technique (that sound familiar?).

So in other words – I’ve been there and done that, my friend, and take it from the horse’s mouth – NOTHING has worked as well for me as the stuff I teach in 0 Excuses Fitness.

I’ll be 37 next month – and I can proudly say I’m in the BEST darn shape of my life.

And why?

Because I’ve actually done it, my friend.

And I’m willing to share the secrets with you as well, my friend. Hop on aboard the 0 Excuses Fitness Bandwagon, and find out for yourself today.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If you’re part of the “lookie lou” group that prefers a “look see” over actually being open minded and trying something new – well, then, this program is not for you.  If you’re part of th group that wants “all the good things in life for free”, well, then this program is certainly NOT for you – and there’s NO ill will whatsoever from my side there either.  It’s all good, my friend. It’s aaaaallll goood ….

P.S. #2 – But if you’re part of the rare and ELITE group of DOERS – that want to skyrocket their fitness accomplishments to the next level – well then, look NO further, my friend –

P.S #3 – Do it, my friend. I can sense your curiosity, and NO, curiosity ain’t gonna “kill the cat” here either, hehe. And as they say, what doesnt kill you can only make you stronger. Hope on aboard NOW!


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