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Dear reader,

More on the “China note” – did you know about the famous saying in China which literally translated into English reads as such “I’d rather cry in the back seat of a BMW than smile on the back of a bicycle”.

No kidding – that was an actual comment made by a Chinese girl on a blind dating show in China a few years ago – and while I’m NOT going to get into the why’s and wherefore’s of it here (and how it plays out in real life – and believe me, it DOES), the fact remains that BMW’s ARE hot property indeed in China.

Everyone and their “mama” wants to own one, hehe – but remember something, my friend. Not my cup of tea personally, but hey, to each his own. I sure ain’t gonna judge …

Point of saying all this?

Well, there’s a point … but before I get into the point, I’ll share a few snippets from a “would be” (or “will be”) customer who contacted me online the other day about my products (apparently a close friend sent her my site).

Holy moly. Fancy that, huh. And being I’m in mainland China as of this point (though not for much longer) I felt I should share it with this whole list.

We’ll call this lady “Lady C” for now, and here is how the conversation went.

C  – “Hello Rahul, I like your site, and love your newsletters well”.

Me – “Thank you, C. Your comments are much appreciated!”

C-  “I want to buy your fitness system”.

Me – “Have at!”

C – “But … it’s so expensive”

At this point I stopped responding. Another one on the “it should all be free” mailing list, hehe.

C – “Hello?”

C – “Helloooooooooooo?”

C – “There are other cheaper products out there”.

Me – “Well, buy those then”

C – “But they dont work!”

Me – “Well, buy what works then!”

C – “But, But, but … your stuff obviously works, your friend used it and …”

Me – “Look lady, let me ask you something. You don’t question the price of a BMW before buying it, do you?”

C – “No, of course not!” (this said with vehemence, VIM, vigor and gusto – so much so that compared to the previous “lookie loo” style lackadaisical responses, I was floored, my friend).

Me – “Well, what about a house on the  beach? Would you expect it to cost anything less than a million RMB?”

C – “Of course not! That’s good stuff!”

Me – “But I thought you said 0 Excuses Fitness was good stuff, and what worked”

C – “Yes, of course (vim, vigor and ….) … uh, uh, uh  (a “pregnant pause” as it all died away into nothingness)”

Laugh away, dear reader, but while this conversation is true, I’ve “protected the names of the guilty” in this case, hehe, though I generally don’t do so.

There’s more to this story as well – and as for the car the lady drives, well, she’s got two cars and neither one of them is a BMW. One is a Lexus, and the other is a “souped” up version of a Porsche if that makes any sense.

Her name actually starts with “L”, but let’s leave it at that. It’s not important.

Look, what’s important is that you get what you pay for, my friend.

So, back to that “point” we were referring to, then …

You get what you pay for. And if you want the BEST fitness program on the planet, well, it ain’t “walk to you” for free, pal.

Only YOU can decide whether to get the “Monte Carlo” of Fitness (for those not in the know, Monte Carlo is slang for Cadillac, bruh) – or whether to settle for a beat up old “second hand” 1970’s Dodge, hehe.

I can advise you on what to do. I can show you HOW to do it. I can present you products until the cows come home, but it ain’t gonna make a darn bit of difference until YOU decide, my friend.

Walk into a BMW showroom anywhere in the world and be prepared to fork out the price – ’tis but that simple. Or settle for the Ford.

Again, a simple choice – but it’s a choice YOU have to make.

And it’s only you that can make the choice, my friend. Only YOU.


And the time to decide is now, my friend.

Without further ado then, jump on aboard the “Monte Carlo” (or BMW, if you so prefer) of fitness right here –

I look forward to hearing back about your resounding success.



P.S. – By the way, I’ve receiving several interesting letters from readers as of late – if you have any comments or training related questions, feel free to send ’em in – and I’ll do my best to address as many of them as I can on the blog!

P.S. #2 – As we close in on the holiday season, be merry – and – as they say – treasure the time spent with family and loved ones. And there’s no reason to rush on to the stores for holiday gift either. Give the traffic and “Christmas bustle” a miss, my friend – and complete your holiday shopping right HERE –

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