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Dear reader,

More on reader feedback – I received an interesting message from a 0 Excuses DOER last week.

He purchased the 0 Excuses Fitness System and being he’s at the stage where 10 pushups is a challenge, he’s getting his feet wet slowly and progressing into the whole shebang step by step, as I recommend both in the book and the videos.

And guess what – he’s already starting to notice the changes, most noticeably in his thighs and upper chest.

I’ll write more on that  later, but for now, a quick note -what this DOER (yes, that’s what you are Jeff!) asked me was if I currently offer my products in “CD” format.

Not the actual book itself – just the videos, and this was an interesting question indeed!

The answer is no – I do not – and there are two reasons behind this.

First off, although I’d personally prefer reading and viewing instructional products on the good ole computer, I seem to be a relic from a bygone era in that regard.

And not just that regard – given the exercises I do – stuff that’s been passed on down through CENTURIES, and amazingly enough ignored by the vast majority of folks out there, I might as well be a “dinosaur” from another era, hehe.

Most people seem to do everything on their smartphones these days, and while I stand by my position in that the smartphone, while it has it’s uses, is one of the biggest banes in modern day life – the fact remains that most people (and probably most of you as well) perform a vast majority of tasks on your smartphone.

And so, I’ve made the fitness videos MOBILE COMPATIBLE – which means they’ll play with no disruption on mobile devices as well.

And the other reason is that when you first start, your form on these exercises might not be that good, or good at all for that matter.

And that’s fine – but often times, what I’ve encountered is folks viewing “how to do’s” on the computer, and then going and trying the actual exercise – but then ending up doing it in poor form unknowingly, due to a “lack of a teacher” right there by their side.

Now, I can’t coach everyone personally. Although I do have a coaching form on the site – I only choose a select few people to work with  (in terms of ultra-personalized coaching) due to time constraints and because “there is only so much I can give” if you get my drift before I need a break.

(The coaching form is available right here, btw –

So – the next best thing is obviously the videos – and the mobile compatible nature of the  videos makes it possible for you to “learn” with the video right there next to you (smartphone, tablet, or whatever).

I do NOT recommend working out with any distractions, mobile devices included – however, when you first START out, you might want to keep the videos by your side as you “ease” into the movements.

And progress  from there. Baby steps as they say, but then again – a journey of a thousand steps starts with a single step, my friend, and you would do WELL to remember this truism.

Jeff – I hope that answers your questions – and enjoy your “odyssey” as you put it!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Here is where you can download the entire MOBILE FRIENDLY package –

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