The two workouts today

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Dear reader,

Well, I think you recall me telling you this morning that I had a busy day ahead, so it was going to be a brief workout today.

I also extolled the virtues of not hitting it hard (as in max out) daily – and with good reason.

And now, I’ll give you a synopsis of my workouts today – I actually had to split it up into TWO workouts due to extreme time pressure, and yet, I got it DONE, my friend.

Oh yesssss, I did!

I had about 15-20 minutes tops in the morning (after sending you that last email) and that included 5 minutes of “getting ready to go out the door”, hehe.

So I figured I’d do a 5-8 minute “squatathon”. No biggie, pound out 250 and call it a day.

Got to about a 100. No problem!

Got to 150 – no problem at all – 250 – and before I knew it I was 300 – in about 10 minutes flat.

Man oh man – what a rush – and WAS I getting a workout in!?

Banged out 100 more, and it was 400 for the morning – all in 12 minutes FLAT.

Got back home at around 7:30, and started in on some pushups. Now, since I’ve been walking around all day, I figured I’d just do a brief refresher workout – just to get the “battery recharged” as it were.

Started off with Hindus. Then did a few of my patented “best exercise ever”. Then, did a few more of those.

(My patented “best” exercise ever is mentioned right HERE – ONE book dedicated to ONE exercise alone –

The blood BE pumping, my friend – I was starting to FEEL real good – and I was at 100 before I knew it – and 200 before I even “thought” I had gotten there!

Sneaked a peek at the clock – – and was but 7:48. This was with some toughies thrown in, mind you.

Finished off with 50 more and a few stretches and I’m buzzed, my friend.

So that’s the workout report for today – a PRIME, PRIME example of how to “git ‘er done” when you are stressed for time.

Far better than plonking down on the couch and waiting for the “clock to tick over”, hehe.

All for now – if you workout today – make it a great one – and if you haven’t already – well – what are you waiting for?


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I should also mention that I walked about 3-4 miles today instead of hailing a cab to where I needed to be – walking is a highly underrated exercise, my friend – and so is another exercise that most adults would scoff at – but that would flatten even most “hardened” gym goers within a minute FLAT – and I ain’t kidding, bro.

It’s mentioned in the “hill climbs” section, and it has got NOTHING to do with climbing hills, my friend. Yet, will it kick you in the can – oh yessss sirreeee. Oh yes it will.

That’s right – and you can find out what it is right HERE –

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