More on shorter workouts

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Dear reader,

The days seem to be getting “shorter” as we wind down towards the end of 2017, and prepare to welcome in bonny 2018 with a huge “yahoo”!

Or that’s the spirit, anyway, at least for me.

And in terms of workouts, I’ve been keeping it brief and intense  – even briefer and perhaps more intense than before.

You’ve read my last two posts about being busy as heck since yesterday, and today was NOT any different – so I did another “quick” one – 400 squats, 200 pushups, and a few stretches – and I was good to GO, my friend!

I don’t quite know if I’ll get in another brief workout later on tonight – all depends – but, I DO know I’ll be getting in a bit of a longer one tomorrow.

Probably going to hit some NEW exercises HARD tomorrow – well, not NEW – but, those I haven’t done for a while. Watch this space for more on that.

By the way, a couple of people wrote in to guess the exercise I did on Wednesday (that if you remember left my upper back and traps TOASTED without doing a single pull-up or derivative thereof).

And though both of these guys were close, they didn’t quite figure out the exact exercise.

All good tho – it’s one of those advanced variations that the average trainee won’t be able to do when first starting out, or perhaps even for a LONG time after starting out.

Good news though is you CAN do a lot of the exercises mentioned in Gorilla Grip, my friend – and that is my acclaimed and quite popular course on building the grip like there’s NO tomorrow.

Testimonials on this abound BOTH through the site as well as the sales page itself – both for THIS product as well as my other product on pull-ups, and both of these are a must grab for any serious trainee looking for movements more advanced than what the “general” bulk of 0 Excuses Fitness covers – although again, you COULD do advanced variations of those as well!

In other words – the sky is the limit – and the key?

Well, it’s to get off your butt and DO something, my friend.

Do the 0 Excuses Fitness System, or do pull-ups – or work on your grip – but do something, my friend.

Gorilla Grip –

Pull-ups from Dud to Stud –

As we approach the New Year, make that your goal #1 for 2018.

Do something – each and every day – something that will move you closer along the path to attaining whatever goals you have in mind.

You’ll quickly see how powerful this ONE tip is once you implement it in your daily routine.

Well, my friend, that is all for now. I’m off for some “relaxation” myself now, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. –  What better way to start the New Year off than with a commitment not just to do something daily – but also a firm and solid commitment to get in shape – and do it in a manner that will leave onlookers gaping at the sheer speed of transformation in your body?

And yes, it IS possible, my friend. I can’t click the order button for you, of course – but dare to do so – and watch a whole new world open up to you almost instantly –

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