2nd January workout

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Dear reader,

Well, was a heck of a day indeed in terms of workouts!

Woke up feeling GREAT – as I usually do – and dived straight into my new project which is an advanced fitness manual; and I MEAN advanced, my friend.

In fact some of the exercises I’m going to be putting out in this new book are SO advanced – that they WILL kick even most experienced gymnasts and bodyweight trainees in the can if done right, my friend. Oh yeah they will.

King Kong Fitness is what I’ve got it named, and with darn good reason. You’ll build shoulders akin to a male silverback gorilla if you do these exercises, and thats just the shoulders.

You’ll also build scary levels of SUPERHUMAN grip strength as well as core endurance and strength from Cain, my friend – believe me, though what I’ve taught you thus far in 0 Excuses Fitness is more than sufficient for the vast majority of folks out there, there is always that tiny “crazy” minority that wants to take things to the ultimate level and then some.

And if you’re part of that select band, well, be on the lookout for King Kong Fitness. I’m done with the book but am waiting for Cindy to return from Hunan province so I can get the videos done as well and release the whole package.

And today’s workout went as follows –

  • My  usual 0 Excuses Fitness workout.
  • A jaunt up and down the hill
  • King Kong exercises both BEFORE, after, and DURING the jaunt, and no – NOT A SINGLE pushup or pull-up made it into this section, and yet I was hammered with each set being finished in – get this – less than 10-15 seconds.
  • Pull-ups and various other “core” toughies (some of which are mentioned in 0 Excuses Fitness) before the whole deal, and after …

Well, let’s just say that there was nothing after a) because I had already done more than plenty, but b) because I suffered a nasty thumb sprain towards the end of all of it.

Probably more fatigue than anything else that caused that (I don’t want to get into the exact reason) – and I mention this in 0 Excuses Fitness as well. Be very careful when you’re doing anything that involves the thumb directly.

Easy to “pop it in and out” without realizing it and messing up tendons etc – OUCH!

Luckily being the grip fanatic I am the pain lasted about a couple of hours after which it started to abate. I’m back to typing at full speed now, but I’ll probably go easy on the grip stuff until tomorrow at least.

See how that goes. HA!

And that, my dear friend, is that for now. Be on the outlook for King Kong Fitness coming your way sometime soon – and in the meantime, be sure and build a SOLID foundation right here – http://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/.




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