Workout update!

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Dear reader,

Well, given what I said about the state of my thumb yesterday, you’d think today would be a rest day, or perhaps even an “easy” day, eh?

Not a chance, my friend. Not a chance.

This cat made a vow to himself years ago to do something everyday, come rain, hail, shine or sprained thumbs – and so he did.

And guess what – it sure as heck wasn’t EASY by any standards.

And guess what else. Though I was advised to “splint” the thumb (and dont get me wrong – it was indeed well intentioned advice and would have done no harm) – I didn’t – and right now, it’s about 50% on the way to recovery.

And amazingly enough, it’s NOT by either resting the thumb or by doing nothing at all.

Sounds amazing, I know, but ’tis true, my friend. ‘Tis true.

Anyway, as for today’s casualty list?

Well, no real casualties today, hehe, but I probably won’t be able to bend over too well due to what I did differently today – well, not too well, at least – and NO – it’s NOT what pops up in mind instantly when you read that, haha.

In fact what I did today to really get me sore in the posterior (and then all over) didn’t take more than 10 minutes, if even that.

And most of that was nothing but deep, rhythmic breathing.

No, it didnt involve a single pushup.

No pull-ups. No Hindus. No squats. Nothing of that nature, my friend. Nothing at all (although I did do about 250 squats this morning, but thats another tale).

Nah – what I did today got me BUZZED – and as an aside, my forearms seem to be PULSATING with a life of their own despite NOT having done ANY, I repeat ANY upper body work.

See if you can guess what I did, my friend. I mention it as a “secret weapon” (of sorts) in 0 Excuses Fitness, but it,  like a lot of other hidden keys mentioned therein is usually overlooked.

The 0 Excuses Fitness System

Bad mistake, but I’ll get into that later.

For now – it’s “adios” – but oh wait.

Before I go, remember to stay tuned for a HUGE, HUGE announcement tomorrow – one that’ll probably blow yer socks off, because I’ve never ever done it before – not at that level anyway.

More on that tomorrow. In the meantime, if you workout today – and you darn well SHOULD – make it an awesome one!



P.S. – As you can see, I do believe in “walking the talk”, my friend. No arm chair theorist sitting here, that I CAN and DO guarantee. Everything I write has been TRIED and tested by yours truly before getting the final seal of approval so hesitate no longer, my friend.Get in the best shape of your life – and quickly – by adopting the BEST workout system on the PLANET TODAY –


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