Six pack – or ZERO pack?

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Dear reader,

I got done with a super tough workout today straight out of a combo of 0 Excuses Fitness and my new and updated Shoulders like Boulders – but it wasn’t enough – not for me at any rate, hehe.

Figured I’d get in another you-know-what buster and though this post isn’t about the exact details of workout #2, it bears mentioning that I moseyed on to my old favorite – the HILL.

The same hill that kicked me severely in the can the first time I climbed it – oh boy. I literally felt like a Mack truck ran over my entire body, and I’m NOT exaggerating in the slightest there my friend.

After finishing  my super super tough workout #2 though, I literally waltzed up that same hill, nary breaking even a bead of sweat.

Sure, it’s winter here – but still – climbing that hill is not easy  my friend – and it WILL cause the average person to sweat even at a very moderate pace.

Anyway, I’m not writing this to tell you about my own conditioning. Well, not really, at least.

At the top of the hill I paused for a while, literally drinking in the  COLD fresh mountain air in heapfuls.

Breathing in, breathing out, slowly, ad infinitum, and while I was doing these I was stretching out my hamstrings – which brings me to tip #1.

Always, always stretch out your hamstrings on a daily basis, my friend – even if you don’t workout.

It’s amazing how many folks remember to stretch their thighs, calves, shoulders, even neck – but neglect the hammies.

Big mistake – not just flexibility wise, but also LIFE wise. When you stretch out the hamstrings correctly you literally BANISH all excess tension from your body – as well as LIFE,  my friend. Things start to flow even more – and even quicker.

Anyway, while I was doing all this a couple of guys were panting up the last few flights of stairs before making it to the top.

One was fairly well built, but nothing spectacular. Had a huge beer gut as well.

The other – well – the opposite in terms of looks. Skinny – rail thin in fact, and judging by the outline his T-shirt made against his abdomen, he had that much sought after 6 pack look.

Might as well have been a 12 pack, and his biceps were huge, my friend. HUGE.

And … the rest of his arms were like toothpicks. Not to mention the legs and waspishly thin waist.

Anyway the two of them were literally so out of breath that it took them a while to recover, but the second never did.

After about 3 minutes or so of panting, he suddenly and abruptly collapsed in a heap, his eyes rolled backwards. And this in winter mind you – when the temperatures are NOT extreme in terms of heat and humidity.

Wasn’t unconscious, but darn  near, and while a crowd gathered, his partner made several attempts to get him to sit up and finally succeeded.

Took about 10 minutes or so before the two of them finally shambled down the hill, and the second dude was literally clutching the right side of his 12 pack as he was stumbling on back down the stairs.

Now, why am I telling you this?

First, because looks are NOT everything, my friend. While a six pack look may be what the majority  of people crave, it by no means signifies a super level of fitness or any level at all.

Second – you’re far, far better off focusing upon bodyweight stuff that works the entire body as a whole. Not only will you get stronger all over (and avoid the “toothpick arm”  or “pelican  leg” look) – but you’ll also be a hell of a lot better conditioned and better off for it.

The vast majority of the populace doesnt just have trouble moving furniture around come moving day or carrying Grandma up two flights of stairs.

Heck, even carrying heavy groceries up stairs is enough to make them legs weak for a lot of people and thats what you want to avoid at all costs.

And thats what is so GREAT about the 0 Excuses stuff I’m telling you to do, my friend.

It’ll build a body thats as strong as it looks. That’s superbly conditioned – from the INSIDE out.

And if you do end up getting a six pack, which you probably will – it will be a REAL six pack, my friend.

Real training – real strength – the real deal. At the end of the day THAT, my dear reader is what it’s all about – and how do I know this?

Because I  live it daily, my friend.

You too, owe it to yourself to  do so.

Get on the stick NOW. Right NOW my friend. Don’t wait for an heart attack to occur before you start doing the right things for your health –



P.S. Still not convinced? Still think the leg press machines builds super levels of strength and conditioning and bodyweight stuff doesnt? Well, take the nearest bodybuilder and ask him to do what I said (or the equivalent of) carrying “Granny” up not a hill – but just a few flights of stairs – and THEN report back. I bet you’ll be singing a different tune altogether, my friend.

P.S #2 – By the way, Shoulders like Boulders is also flying out the door like hotcakes – you can join the party right HERE –


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