Carved abs

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Dear reader,

If you really want that “carved abdominals look” (and let’s face it, it WOULD be nice to have, wouldn’t it??) – what I’m about to say here might be of interest, so pay attention, folks.

There is ONE exercise that works – and does so WITHOUT isolation by the way – for this purpose than ANY other exercise out there, my friend.

That’s right – it works (for this particular purpose) better than pretty much anything else out there that I’ve tried.

Now, you DO know what I am referring to by the “carved abs” look, don’t you?

It’s not so much the “V” tapered look that I’m talking about – I’m referring more to the “X” look here.

You know what I mean, I’m sure.

Broad, solid, and yet toned shoulders – a packed and yet “solid as GRANITE” pectoral region – and slim yet powerful legs to boot.

And of course, a “non existent” midsection – in other words, an “ultra-toned” and “ultra-sleek” midsection without being either weak or waspishly thin.

In fact, I wouldn’t be lying to tell you that my abs and obliques are one of the STRONGEST areas of my body now.

And it wasn’t always this way – until I figured out, and started implementing the VERY BEST exercise there is bar none, except with a twist.

What is this exercise?

Well, it’s a reverse pushup – and contrary to what you might think and what you might have read on the internet, it’s NOT done with your back flat, my friend.

No way, Jose – and the REAL kicker in this “ultra special” exercise isn’t even the actual pushup – it’s something else.

Deep breathing, sure – but something other than that, my friend. Something other than that, and this ONE key along with a sensible balanced workout routine WILL get you the “carved” abs look if you keep at it.

And not keep at it forever either. In fact most folks I’ve put on this exercise start to show results within a week or two at most.

Your own results may vary depending upon your diet etc – however, suffice it to say that this exercise works better than any of the other rot floating about out there in terms of “training the abs”.

Certainly works better than “abdominal trainers” (I forget the exact name) where you rest your fanny in a padded seat and “gently rock back and forth” while watching T.V. in the bedroom. Somehow that is supposed to “flatten the midsection”.

Yeah. RIGHT.

And about a bazillion times better than another gadget (and I can’t recall the name for the life of me again) that claims to send “tiny electrical impulses” to the muscles to “supposedly train them even when said person isn’t wearing that ridiculous looking belt”.

What a load of balderdash that is to be honest – and it’s NOT the only such ridiculous  contraption out there, hehe.

There ARE other good exercises for the midsection – plenty – but the above two are NOT one of them.

And the very best exercise there is bar NONE sits at the very peak of that mountain, my friend – and rightfully so.

Click on over HERE to find out more –

As an aside, I was on my way back from Hong Kong to “good ole” mainland China today and there was a crowd and a half indeed, my friend. Was being shoved here, jostled there, and suddenly felt a solid elbow to my left abdominal region (mid-abs I’d say).

It was a dude running madly for only he knows what – but though it was a “full blooded and unintentional” blow, it just ricocheted off me like his elbow hit concrete.Surprised the heck out of me to be honest, and surprised him even more going by the look on his face before he scurried back off, hehe.

I know you want that feeling as well, my friend. And good news is you can get it if you know HOW to – and HOW can be gotten right HERE –

Click on over NOW, and start building the midsection you’ve always craved and dreamed of, my friend.



Rahul Mookerjee

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