Slim fit apparel – the new “rage”?

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Dear reader,

Was browsing around on the Internet a bit after sending you that last email, and my eye caught an ad for “slim fit shirts” – with a reedy looking character advertising some sort of “purple slim fit shirt”.

Not my sort of thing to say the least but I went ahead and clicked anyway, and it redirected me to a news site of sorts, and – long story short – apparently “slim fit apparel” is the new “rage” for men these days.

Now, I am NOT a “fashionista” by any means. You’ll find yours truly dressed in an old T-shirt and shorts most of the time and I care not if I’m at home, on vacation, or meeting friends – I dress in what feels comfortable to me, and the heck with the rest of it.

Sure – my shirts sometimes “billow” on me due to  my “X” taper, but so be it.

But anyway, here are a couple of the headlines I saw on the sites –

Dismantling the man-tents

It’s official, then. The majority of men agree that slim-fit shirts look better than the baggy, oversized man-tents so beloved of 90’s R&B singers, which hung around longer than a taxi driver’s bad BO.

Regular is baggy, men flaunt it with slim fits

Slim-fit apparel for men now makes up about 80% of sales at Lifestyle International, the departmental store chain, compared to a decade ago when it was just 15%. Managing director Kabir Lumba calls this growing demand as “the new normal” among brands that have a healthy mix of young customers. “Regular fit is now the irregular one and companies are offering it as an exception,” he says

And in case you’re interested in reading further (I wasn’t), the first quote has been taken from and the second from

Seems this new “rage” cuts across countries, cultures, and what not, and while I’ve got no problem if YOU are one of the “slim fit crowd”, personally, there are a few things I find ridiculous about this.

First, the “gym toned bods” (and I’m quoting from the article) that go for these looks are usually NOT the epitome of health themselves – and you can tell that by looking at them.

Look at the picture of the dude on the first URL I mentioned – and then compare him to some of the old timers – some of whom had TINY – but STRONG AS HECK – and functionally STRONG as well – waistlines.

Paul Bragg would be an example.

Or, compare the average “natty” dresser who goes for these sort of looks to Doug Hepburn – in case you don’t know what he looks like – cast a gander at the Shoulders like Boulders page right here – Shoulders like BOULDERS!

I don’t know about you, but I’ll take the “Doug Hepburn” or the old-timer look over this “new age” nonsense any day of the week, my friend.

Second, every time I buy something that is labeled as slim fit – it looks GREAT around my midsection and core. But guess what the problem is?

It’s a mighty – nay – MAMMOTH struggle to get my shoulders and arms to fit into these “tiny” slim fit T-shirts – and even if I do so, it feels way too uncomfortable and tight.

Apparently “slim” to most people doesnt mean “strong”. It just means a “waspishly unnaturally thin midsection” – usually achieved by all sorts of unnatural and unhealthy measures.

Case in point being the two dudes I wrote about a few days on my blog – the two that climbed the hill – and the one that literally collapsed after climbing the hill.

And last, but certainly not least – the other hilarious thing I see on a regular basis is guys with too much fat around their midsection trying to “snuggle” into those slim fits and passing it off as “a little body fat”.

Uh no, my friend, that tummy IS visible – and no amount of clothing will hide the facts, hehe. Bottom line (and by the way this was mentioned in the second URL I sent you as well – just so you know I’m NOT making it up, hehe).

My point in saying all this?

Is that the “modern day” worries way too much about extraneous B.S. which does NOT matter.

Heck, who cares about “slim fits” and “regular fits” and all that? All you should really care about is the following –

a) a functionally fit, strong and ATHLETIC body that is every bit as strong as it looks and then some – and this achieved via the right exercises that BUILD your body as opposed to destroy it permanently courtesy the ridiculous shenanigans that go on in modern day gyms.

b) HEALTH from the INSIDE OUT as opposed to “looks”

c) Last, but not least – a healthy and balanced diet as well as lifestyle.

And that’s all that really counts – to me, at least.

Now, a lot of you reading this will probably be “nodding your heads internally” at the “tummy fat” part, and I feel ya, my friend. I feel ya.

But running away from the issue and trying to hide it in baggy wear or even “slim fits” designed for those that are not quite that slim won’t work.

What works is a healthy lifestyle – and the right exercises – and that can be found right HERE, my friend –

Invest in yourself TODAY – and forget about all the extraneous nonsense floating about out there. It’s the best decision you’ll ever make.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I routinely have people commenting on my abs – and get this – CALVES – despite doing nothing “directly” for them. Despite not wearing clothes that “flaunt” my physique one darn bit (I ain’t no pretty boy, hehe).

YOU TOO can get those results – but only if you know HOW, my friend. And how is right HERE – 

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