Sec-seeeeeee thighs

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Dear reader,

Oh dear.  I was browsing the good ole “interwebs” this morning while chatting with the wife, and almost spit out my green tea on reading some of the garbage I saw.

The news these days seem to have become more “tabloid” in nature than anything else but even so, going by the number of folks that read this rubbish it seems that is what folks want?

Anyway, the first headline I saw on MSN was this “Thighlighting’ Is Latest Plastic Surgery Trend“.

Apparently the aim of this latest plastic surgery trend is to (and I’m quoting verbatim here) acheive the following look “When contoured correctly, the shape of the thighs helps to elongate the legs, creating a desirable silhouette.”

The article then of course shows a picture of a model (or perhaps a celebrity – no idea – I didnt hang around long enough to read the fine print) in a long, flowing red dress with legs bared all the way up to the waist, no doubt showing off her “fine contours” as it were.

Now, that’s all fine and dandy. Hey, she looked pretty good – I’ll be honest – but what I’m writing about is the rubbish that most folks believe they need to go through to “get that look”.

Most people are under the mistaken impression that “slimmer thighs” equate hours spent lifting in the gym – or “pounding the pavement outdoors” – and of course – when all of that doesn’t quite work at the end of the day it’s off to the plastic surgeons to “achieve the look” – an eminently unhealthy practice if I might say so myself.

We see people spending big bucks on liposuction, facelifts, and other “external beauty” treatments, but the problem with this sort of thing is that a) it doesn’t last and b) it’s NOT REAL!

a) Liposuction may achieve the desired look for a while, but you’d be surprised at the quickness with which the flab returns. If you don’t believe me, Google it – and you’ll see.

b) More importantly, these “external” procedures do next to nothing to make you FEEL good. Yes, you may “look good” on the outside temporarily and that may give you some sort of a “shallow” feel good from the outside feeling, but the REAL good feelings that come from HONESTLY feeling good about yourself?

No way, Jose – not with this sort of junk – but yet, it’s what most people have been conditioned to believe.

“So and so celebrity does it, so it must be good”.

Yeah. Right. NOT!

I’ve heard plenty of cases of celebrities in Beverly Hills committing suicide or doing illegal dr-you know what – in other words “all that glitters ain’t gold”, my friend.

And of course, the plastic surgeons make a killing off the “glitter” mentality thinking.

Back to the “thighs”, this sort of look can be achieved by anyone – even you – and it takes one simple exercise done correctly and at the right cadence, my friend.

That’s all. One simple exercise.

And that is the Hindu Squat. It’s been around for ages, and do it correctly – and it WILL give you the lean thighs and muscular calves you’ve been looking for – and whats more, you’ll get it without shelling out big bucks.

You’ll get without spending hours at the gym. Heck, when most folks start 10-15 seconds of squats is about all they can do – if even that – and get this – MOST, I repeat – MOST seasoned trainees end up falling flat on their ass after a minute the first time they do this.

Believe you me, this is an amazingly simple bodyweight exercise – and one that is NOT taught correctly by most that claim they don’t know how to do it.

I’ve mentioned in prior blog posts about folks commenting on my thighs and calves even though I’m not in the least bit concerned about how they look – but yes – I did take a look at them after several people commented – and YES – they do have that “lean, athletic, and STRONG” look to them.

And Hindu Squats were what played a huge, huge role in getting me there.

Hindu squats are just ONE of the amazing exercises I teach you in 0 Excuses Fitness – a complete workout system that can be done in the privacy of your living room.

No equipment needed – just you and your own body.

Dive in right now, my friend – -and watch the FAT BURNING furnace in your body ignite before your very eyes.

I look forward to your success.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Also read on MSN that “Obesity shaved almost a year of U.S. life expectancy”. This despit all the fancy gyms, gadgets, gizmos, late night TV “tummy trimmers”, fad diet, fancy shmnacy pills and what not. Don’t fall for all that crap, my friend. Do what works – and what has been working for CENTURIES. Jump aboard the 0 Excuses Ship – start working on these exercises and watch your body change faster than you can say “voila” –

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