Insomnia blues?

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Dear reader,

Was browsing through my “Wechat”contact list this morning – “Wechat” being one of the communication tools (smartphone app to be exact) they use so often and regularly here in mainland China.

Now, those of you that are regular readers know my distaste for smartphones in general. I’d rather go back to the good ole days of flip phones and the like if just to improve productivity.

If there’s something I HATE more than anything else it’s that constant “green” (or blue, depending upon) light flashing every time I look at the darn thing, and guess what. Most of the time my smartphone spends it’s “life” lying NOT on it’s “back”, but flat on it’s stomach, hehe, so I don’t even get to see it.

But anyway being I travel in China a lot, it’s kind of impossible to avoid WeChat here. They’ve pretty much set it up such that you use wechat for darn near everything here in daily life from taking and posting selfies galore (uggggggggggh) to buying stuff (a simple scan – mega convenient I must say) and even booking movie tickets, cabs etc.

More on that later, but as I was browsing past all the garbage on the status updates one word seemed to jump out at me.


“I can’t sleep at night”.

“Damned insomnia strikes again!”

“I toss and turn night long!” (that list bit was  a bit of “Chinese English”, hehe, but I’m quoting verbatim).

And you know what’s mind boggling – to me at least?

These status updates are usually followed or preceded by pictures where the poster looks “happy”.

Either “preening” in front of the mirror at a yoga class. Or perhaps a selfie taken with a hamburger at TGI Friday’s (yup, they seem to have them here as well). Or perhaps even just a photo showing the person “partying” and “letting their hair down”.

Now, all this is fine and dandy, but you’d imagine the person would be truly happy after doing all this, eh?

More than that, you’d imagine the person would enjoy a GOOD, restful, and dream filled night of sleep after all this – eh?

Not the case, my friend. Not the case for the vast majority of people by a long shot (and NO – drunken stupors do NOT count) – and if you’re part of the crowd that can empathize with the “tossing and turning” images that are probably  popping up in your mind right about NOW – well – I feel your pain, my friend.

I sure do. I’ve been there at a certain stage in my life as well – but guess what – the solution is SIMPLE.

And yes, while I’ve got a product to promote, it’s for darn good reason, my friend.

Long and slow (and somehow “intense”) weightlifting sessions and other “drawn out” forms of exercise such as the treadmill, or even “pounding the pavement” are NOT the best ways to achieve a restful night of sleep, my friend.

In fact if anything, you’ll wake up feeling even more run down and tired.

Other hand, if you do BRIEF – INTENSE – bursts of exercise – the NATURAL way – your body instantly starts to change – and I don’t mean just physically.

I mean your body starts to RELAX at a FAR, FAR higher level than it would with traditional (or I should say “modern day traditional”) forms of exercise.

Don’t believe me? Well, pound the pavement daily for a week for hours on end and note how your body feels after that.

After this, change things up a bit.

Do a few of the routines mentioned at the end of 0 Excuses Fitness for a week. Heck, try and follow along with me in the “250 pushup” workout that I’ve spoken about and shown in the videos.

Do what you can – and follow it up with a quick, brief walk if possible – and a bit of stretching – and you’re DONE. Thats ALL you are to do for the following week.

Report back after the second week – and tell me how you feel – and how much better you SLEEP at night.

I bet you’ll do a HECK of a lot better the second week, my friend.

And the reason isn’t just “because I said so”. Look at what animals in the wild do.

Mr. Tiger doesn’t “jog” or “run” all day, does he?

He may walk for miles at a leisurely pace – but when it comes time to grab a meal?

It’s all out SPRINT, my friend – he gives it EVERYTHING – but after that, and before that?

It’s usually REST, my friend – and guess what? I haven’t ever heard of animals in the wild having insomnia either.

Yet, I’ve heard plenty of bloated couch potatoes complaining of the very same thing – as well as “office workers” who claim they’re “too busy” to workout – not to mention the gym junkies.

Hell, a friend of mine who swore up and down by the gym was at one point in his life in so much pain that he’d wake up in the middle of the night literally screaming and grabbing his lower back – so shot was it by years of heavy deadlifts (which he was admittedly great at, by the way).

Is it worth it?

I don’t hear of Mr. Tiger, or “El Grizzly” for that matter waking up with “sore backs” or “wrist pain”, or “elbow tendonities from overuse” or any of that rot … do you?

Only YOU can decide if it’s worth it though, my friend. Only YOU can make the choice to live a healthy, fulfilling – and “insomnia-less” life.

It’s within your reach – if you only open your mind to it.

Here are the keys, my friend –

Read – implement – DO – and succeed!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I just gave an example of a tiger up there – and I’m sure some of you are going to get enthused and try “bounding” from years spent in front of the computer screen to an all out sprint in the local park or wherever. Do NOT do this. I detail the right way to do sprints – and how to WORK UP to them in the 0 Excuses Fitness System book right here –

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