Train like a MAN – a REAL MAN!

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Dear reader,

Hoo BOY!

My email this morning seems to have manifold impact on a lot of ya, and indeed a lot of you reading this.

If you don’t know what I be a yellin about, then click on over to the blog and read my last post on one of the best upper body combos you can do for yourself, PERIOD.

That email got me (for one) so excited that I rushed out shortly thereafter to get in ANOTHER training session, though I sure didn’t “need it”. And I’m getting that “worked to the bone” feeling x a factor of about a THOUSAND right about NOW, my friend.

As I said – HOO BOY – I’m ready to LEAP buildings!

In any case, I received varied feedback on my email this morning – some interesting – some NOT.

One reader wrote in to tell me “how handstands are an unnatural position” and how it’s far better to “support” the shoulder while doing any form of exercise related to it.

DUHHHH – and I’ll address the idiocy later, but then again, this form of idiocy is what sparked me to write THIS post.

Before I begin it behooves me to tell ya that a couple of folks actually unsubscribed from the list after reading the morning email. Probably part of the “El Groucho” or “Senor Coucho” group – all good either way.

So without further ado – primpers, preeners, mirror watchers and toners – look AWAY – this post is NOT for you.

I just got done with a CALLUS busting (one of many, hehe) SHOULDER BLASTING workout – and guess what I did. More of what I did in the morning, except I mixed in with high rep squats and …

And …

You guessed it – a HILL –  and while I’m not even going to get into the specifics there, let me just tell you that none of what I did involved what even advanced bodyweight fanatics think of doing on a regular basis.

SO, how do real men train, you ask?

Well, for starters, REAL MEN do NOT use “straps” and “wrist wraps” to “protect” their teeny weeny little fingers and soft palms as they train.

REAL MEN GRIP their BARS (and I’m not talking the “burp” kind) with their BARE hands – REGARDLESS of whether or not the callus splits WIDE open while doing it!

I got no less than four calluses split wide open today, and yet I finished off the day with 100 pull-ups and 100 handstand pushups – despite the “pain”.

REAL MEN push on – and do NOT make excuses.

“Oh, I’m too tired”. “Oh, it’s too difficult”. “Oh, I fought with my spouse this morning and I’m not in the mood”. “Oh, I’ll get to it another day”.

Yada, nada, shnada.

Real men make ZERO excuses my friend – and they JUST DO IT – and they do it the 0 EXCUSES way (with the 0 EXCUSES philosophy in mind as they train) –

Doug Hepburn was born with a club foot – and this didn’t stop him from becoming one of all time great strongmen and hand balancing MONSTERS till date, my friend.

Handstand pushups done on dipping bars – 10-15 reps – at a bodyweight of over 280 pounds.

SUPER DUPER stud level – and a REAL man, my friend.

Real men don’t park their fannies on a stupid little “lat pull-down-clown” machine and claim they’re building real strength.

Real men do pull-ups (after they’ve got past the pushup stage) and they do them in LETTER PERFECT – SLOW – and STRICT form!

Real man do NOT – again – make excuses – and brook NO DISTRACTIONS, my friend.

As I was training today a couple more chickies showed up and (without my permission) started to film me on their smartphones – and this is something that  pisses me off no end.

Sure – I suppose the marketing savvy in me could spring up and say “Hey, thats a great thing to share on social media and get more views etc”  but guess what, BOYO, and girlie.

At the time of training I’m NOT thinking of squat else – pun intended – other than training. The world could fall apart and so could social media for that matter. I could care less.

And when some nutter shoves their phone in my face when I’m pumping out super strict reps on super tough exercises – and when I’m focusing and concentrating 100% and more – then guess what response said nutters get.

You guessed it, my friend.

Anyway, this should be enough to give you a bit of a teaser of how REAL men train, and how I do it on a daily (and sometimes twice daily) basis.

And while I’m at an advanced stage, it matters not if you haven’t done a pushup in years. Key thing is to start – do – and continue doing.

Start someplace – and you’ll get someplace.

Other hand – remain on the couch, and you’ll get someplace alright – a bloated, sorry and grouchy “paradise”.

Anyway, if you’re one of the select few on my list (and you know who you are) that haven’t yet cracked open your copy of the System and aren’t pumping out solid, take no prisoners workout on a regular basis, well – if THIS post doesn’t inspire you to do so – then guess what.

NOTHING ever will. You might as well click away right now and be consigned to “I wish” status forever.

And of course – for those of you that are already aboard the 0 Excuses Ship – well – I SALUTE you, my brothers and sisters. On to more achievement together – with NO excuses made, brooked or tolerated!



Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I ain’t talking about “cracking open a cold one” either, my friend. If you’re part of the “Oh, boy, this motivates the heck out of me” group – well there’s THREE things to crack open right NOW – a) your wallet b) your mind and c) the SYSTEM once you download it – and in that order – and right HERE –

P.S. #2 – Not to mention, I received some great feedback from those that have started to advance on pull-ups after reading the course. Congratulations to YOU guys (and GALS) – KEEP IT UP!

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