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Dear reader,

Was on my lonesome today in the park – not for a tough workout as I did yesterday, but for a long walk.

Gawd, THAT workout done left me sore to be honest – not so sore that I couldn’t repeat it and more today, but the point being what I keep saying in my daily emails and the book itself – do NOT go to failure daily.

Why – well – you’ll have to crack open the System to get the details on that one as this email is not related to that topic, but let’s just say because – well – because it WILL come to bite you back in the ass, hehe.

Unless you do it the right way of course, but most people don’t know the right ways to do it – and recuperate – and come back stronger the next day.

Anyhow, on the long walk as it were – and being it was ME, this wasn’t just a walk in the park.

No sirreeeee …. I added the hill into the mix – so it certainly wasn’t “easy recovery” by any stretch of the imagination, hehe.

On the way to the hill though, I saw a Chinese lady from afar.

She seemed to be literally jumping up and down at a very rapid pace – and at first glance I was like WOW. That’s some speed there …

But yet – it didnt quite seem right if you get my drift.

And sure enough – my gut is usually never wrong by the way – sure enough, I walked on closer by  and saw she was jumping on some sort of contraption – a battery powered one at that.

A mini-trampoline as it were, except you do NOT jump up and down yourself on this wonderful (NOT) invention.

Some things in my opinion are best left uninvented or ignored at best – and this particular gadget is one.

The battery apparently powers the damn thing up and down so you just “stand” on the damn thing and do literally nothing.

Quite the opposite from a regular trampoline where you DO jump up and down, and while it’s not near as intense a workout as many would have you believe (unless done right), it DOES have it’s benefits.

Anyway, this particular device ranks right up there with the “lie down tummy flatteners” and other nonsensical contraptions sold on late night TV.

All of those gadgets of course pander to the modern day man (or womans) intrinsic “need” to be lazy – and guess what – judging by the popularity of some of these devices they’ve succeeded.

In a big, big way.

And guess what else – the people buying them have NOT succeeded in removing the flabby tires around their midsection. The bulge if anything gets even more prominent after the use of such devices, hehe.

Anyway without further ado – here are several things right off the top of my head that are way, way way better than what the lady was doing –

  1. Jump on an actual trampoline – while this is (again) NOT quite as intense as some may have you believe (though it can be if done right) – it does give the entire body a good shakeup and benefits many different systems in the body – not the least being the endocrine and lymphatic systems. More on that later.
  2. Jump rope – An excellent, excellent exercise – one the old timers did – and one I’ve mentioned in several of my  publications, and with good reason. In fact I could probably write a whole book on jumping rope, and with good reason …
  3. Jumping jacks – These were part of my orignal fitness publication “Fast and Furious Fitness” – not in the System right now, but I may include it in future versions. Who knows. Another excellent, excellent exercise to get the ole heart and lungs pumping, my friend.
  4. Hindu Squats – As done in the system.

All this right off the top of my head, but yet, the one to me that is at VERY TOP of the list – is – guess what?

It’s a Hindu Squat – except it’s a JUMPING version. You quite literally jump back and forth as you do these, and these WILL make a man out of you my friend if you do ’em at the right cadence, tempo and for high reps.

Think you’re in great shape? Pounding out 200 plus squats already?

Alrighty, great – now let’s see you do 75 jumping squats – or 200 for that matter.

One heck of a workout, and THE very best jumping workout I’ve done, although ALL of the above I’ve mentioned will get you fit as a fiddle, my friend if done right and if combined with the other things I teach.

Anything except those retarded contraptions. What’s the world coming to, eh?

Ah well. There’s still hope, my friend.

There IS hope – for the sane minded amongst us – for those of that follow the 0 Excuses Way to workout.

For those aboard the 0 Excuses Ship – – and y’all know WHO you are!

And as of the rest. Ho hum is what I have to say, hehe.

Anyway, that’s that for now, my friend. I’m off to do some texting on the blasted smartphone, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Here is the link for those that count themselves in the “sane exercisers” or “rational exercisers” category – those that want RESULTS – and want ’em quick as opposed to the “long road that leads NOWHERE” – The 0 Excuses Fitness System

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